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Taking the Next Step!

I had an exciting beginning to this month teaching my first “Sewing Through History” class.  We have had two lessons so far, and the eagerness of these girls to learn makes them an absolute delight to teach.  Teaching kids (and adults) history and sewing has been  something I have been wanting to do since I started Thimbles and Acorns and I am so happy to have this opportunity.  Are you interested in taking a “Sewing Through History” Class with me?  If you live in my area, I will be available to teach more classes after the first of the year.  If you are too far away, no worries.  Once I have fully tested this series with my students, we are planning to organize it into an online class.


We Have a Winner!

Well, four winners to be exact.

Congratulations to Debrooks for winning the Keepers Dolly Duds PDF pattern of her choice!


Congratulations to Janet S. for winning the A Girl for All Time sized Blue Gingham dress!


Congratulations to Melanie for winning the set of Kalasaris Dresses!


Drum roll please…………………….


Congratulations to Cyria for winning Lydia!!

An e-mail has been sent to each winner, and their prizes will be sent off as soon as I hear back from them.  Thank you all for celebrating my new website with me by taking this tour.  Should we do another contest like this again sometime?


Sam, Your 1960s Girl Will be Available Soon!

It is official, she is in the United States, and will be arriving at the Warehouse any day.   Eve and I are both very excited about this doll because we had the opportunity to team up with British designer Caroline Harris to design her wardrobe.   Click on her picture to see her complete collection!



New Patterns from Keepers Dolly Duds Designs

Eve recently re-sized her Double Cape and Regency Pinafore Dress and Fichu to fit A Girl for All Time dolls… such a beautiful combination!



New Patterns from Thimbles and Acorns

Have you seen our latest release… the long awaited Civil War Shirt is finally available!

Pixie Packs

Check out the new Thimbles and Acorns Pixie Packs now available on Pixie Faire


Upcoming Patterns

There are a number of patterns on the drawing board at Thimbles and Acorns.  To coincide with our Sewing Through History series, we have a Minoan Wrap Skirt and Crossover Top, following that will be a similar outfit from Ancient China in the Hanfu style… both are made with beginning seamstresses in mind.


Minoan Wrap Skirt and Crossover Top


Early Hanfu style outfit with a Yi (blouse) and Chang (pleated wrap skirt)

As part of our Design-ables series, we also have a couple more 1830s dresses coming up.  The fun thing with this series of dresses is that the sleeves and skirts will be interchangeable so you can use them to design your own 1830s dress!

Last but not least, to coincide with Sam’s release, I also have a couple of 1960s outfits in the works.   One is a simple wrap-around dress… based on an original 1960s pattern, this A-line beauty consists of ONE pattern piece and requires no snaps, buttons, or ties… EASY PEASY!  I love the whole concept of this little number, and am planning to give it a bit of a modern twist as well… in a new series of patterns called PastPresent.  This series of patterns will feature historical outfits with a second outfit that has been reworked into a more current design.   My second 1960s outfit will be pants with a color block top… color blocking is such a quintessential 1960s feature!

Want to see pictures of them in progress?  Keep watching us on Facebook and on our “On the Drawing Board” board on Pinterest.

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment at Thimbles and Acorns!


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