The Latest News… October 2014 41


 The Latest News… October 2014

October seems to be one of those in between months, no big changes, just hunkering down for what is to come, be it snow, finals, or holidays.   And so it is here at Thimbles and Acorns…  aside from sealing the windows in the studio to keep out the drafts, we are also taking some more time to work on our Etsy shop as we get ready to offer more products.  Tamilee, my wonderfully talented photographer, is working her way through our product line, rephotographing, reorganizing, and making herself and indispensable part of Thimbles and Acorns.

Lydia is now Available from A Girl for All Time Dolls!


Available now from A Girl for All Time! Click here to go to the store.

So exciting to see this project realized!  Go to the store to learn more about her story and see the other outfits that we made to go with her.

Sew Powerful Purse Project Update

Thank you everyone who participated in the Sew Powerful Purse Project.  There were over 350 purses donated as of October 11th. Though the deadline for the contest has come and gone, the need for purses has not.  Please keep them coming, as these small items can make a big impact in a girls education.

Your Chance to Own a Thimbles and Acorns Cover Outfit…


These two ensembles are being auctioned off together. Click Here to check it out and place your bid.

while helping women in developing countries learn sewing and marketing skills so they can raise themselves out of poverty!  This Sunday, Liberty Jane launched a special


Proceeds from the auctions will go toward purchasing these sewing machines and other supplies for the seamstress students. This machine costs $268 and is both electric and peddle powered.

auction featuring two of the cover outfits from my Shortgown pattern.   If you’re interested in these items’ get your bids in as the auction ends Sunday October 26th.  All proceeds will be going to support the ministry of Sew Powerful.  More auctions will be coming up, so keep watching the newsletter for announcements!

On the Drawing Board

We have three more Thimbles and Acorns patterns in the works… these are the last outfits in this 18th century series before we turn our attention back to the Victorian Era.  I already have the first dress for that in mind… and we will be using it to celebrate our 3rd Anniversary in January! Remember how we have celebrated our Anniversary in the past? Well, we are working with Pixie Faire to bring you another one day pattern giveaway with a brand new Laura Ingalls inspired dress.  Keep watching,  so you don’t miss out!

Keepers Dolly Duds Designs


Well done Eve! Thanks for sharing the picture with us Ida.

What could be more exciting for Keepers Dolly Duds Designs than being asked to publish a pattern with Simplicity?  How about having that pattern featured on the back cover of Simplicity’s Holiday Catalogue.  Way to go Eve!  Her latest Simplicity design is now available in stores.

New Items


Click Here to Check our our New and Exclusive Coral and Blue Cameo Buttons!

We just added two brand new exclusive items to our shop… cameo buttons in blue and coral!  .  Click Here to see the listing.


Click Here to see this sewing kit in our shop!

New Kit for Keepers Dolly Duds Regency Pinafore Dress and Fichu pattern available.

Time to Celebrate Reaching 600 Likes on Facebook!


Leave a comment below to get entered in the drawing to win this hat. Psst… a little sneak peek a the Chemise a la Reine we are working on for an upcoming pattern.

First, I have been trying my hand at a little millinery this month, so  I will be giving away a special hat to celebrate.  I will draw a winner from everyone who leaves a comment below by October 30th and will announce the winner on Facebook on October 31st!


600 Cents for 600 Likes Special offer! Click here to see it in the shop.

Also, we are offering a 600 Cents for 600 Likes! Special Facebook Offer in our Etsy Shop from now until October 30th.   The special package includes a sampling of each of our exclusive items: one wide brimmed straw hat, one Coral Cameo, and one Blue Cameo… all for 600 cents!  Click Here to check out the listing.


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41 thoughts on “The Latest News… October 2014

  • Suzanne Hetland

    What a sweet hat! I live to wear hats myself so I get hats for all my American Girls too.

  • Kate

    I absolutely love reading your newsletter, all of the exciting giveaways to find, historical tidbits and sewing tips! Truly a wealth of knowledge!

  • Donna Cotterman

    I do enjoy your newsletters and lovely creations. This hat will be a lovely addition to any of your outfits. 🙂

  • Duana

    I enjoy reading your newsletter very much. I am a reenactor/living history so get to wear period clothing often as well as making them for the dolls. I love your patterns and even though I can draft my own I prefer to just use yours at times. The hat is darling and cannot wait for your next new pattern!

  • Melangell

    Very cute hat! You have been very busy this month. Love all your patterns and I’m looking forward to your new ones.

  • Mary Hodge

    I would love to win this hat — it’s so lovely. (My dolls love wearing hats, but I have no skill in making them.

  • Jude

    Your hat is wonderful, but the newsletter is even better. I look forward to it every month. Thank you for taking the time to put it out. I love the trivia you include.

  • Vickie

    You are an excellent milliner. 🙂 Felicity looks stunning in the hat you created for her. I enjoy your patterns and reading your newsletter each month. Congratulations on 600 likes.

  • Sophie Trahan

    I’m a big fan of all you make – patterns and outfits! This hat is delicious! 🙂 Getting your newsletters is always a pleasure, I love that I learn something every time!

  • Sewbig

    I love your newsletter. I hate your reCAPTCHA verification thing (the thing that has you type the letters as the appear on the screen–mine displays so terribly that I don’t get the correct letters and then my comment is deleted. I have typed two comments now which have both been eaten by the reCAPTCHA system)

    I love your Chemise a la Reine. The colors and fabrics you chose look great. It reminds me of Felicity’s Summer Outfit. Hat and all!

  • Jessica

    I love all of your patterns. They are so beautiful and inspirational!

    I look at all of them and dream about making them.

  • Patty rifkin

    Love the hat, the new pattern and the offer of the outfits that fit the AG doll and the Girl for all Time. I am off to your etsy shop right now.

  • Mathilde

    Oooh, as a French citizen currently living in the US, I am so excited to see Marie-Antoinette as a future inspiration. I actually have Louis XIV character in mind, so a bit earlier, but with all those 18th century patterns, the day I get the doll, she will be fully clothed already!

    Thank you for a once again generous offer!

    And of course, congratulations on Lydia. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • janet S

    Have tried my hand at hat making a couple of times. Not very successful with the straw hats, though. I can sew up a storm for dresses, bags, coats, etc but just can’t get the hat thing worked out. Won’t give up — just will put it on the back burner for a while.

  • Vicky Weaver

    I picked up both of the new patterns this week and i am excited about working with them. Seeing Lydia in that yellow dress convinced me to also pick up some yellow fabric and some yellow and cream trim. Love your news letter.

  • Jeanne

    Such a sweet hat! It’s nice to see some inspiration for using the straw hat. I hope you will share a tutorial.

  • Merry Beth Grindahl

    The hats and patterns you design are the stuff little girls dreams are made of, and big girls too.

  • Lubna Luthfy

    I am usually a passive follower of your site. your doll clothes are amazing and that hat is exquisite! My dolls would look fabulous it it 🙂

  • Elsje

    I loved the hat. This picture inspired me to take advantage of your special offer and to purchase the hat and 2 cameos. I would love to see a back view and, like Jeanne commented above, hope that you will share a tutorial on how you created it if you ever have a spare moment

  • Carol M

    I don’t know where to begin….every pattern that I’ve bought from you has been exquisite; I want them all, but have to be prudent and only buy what I know I’ll have time to sew!

    Your charitable work makes me appreciate your company more and more!

    And this hat: well, if I lived in the 18th century, I know I would be found wearing one just like it, but since we doll collectors/lovers tend to live through our dolls, it will Felicity or Elizabeth who will be sporting it!!

    Love all you do and make…look forward to what’s to come!

  • Louise Ward

    I have immense respect for you and others who can create an outfit, then transform it into a pattern and instructions for the rest of us to follow.

  • Christie

    A perfect hat to go with your newest pattern.Miss Elizabeth Cole’s blue eyes will shine if I win this for her and make the new gown to match. Beautiful job on the hat.