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Sam, your 1960s girl from A Girl for All Time!

Sam, your 1960s girl from A Girl for All Time!

The last few weeks, I been very busy with a number of secret and not-so-secret projects which have put me on the missing in action list on Facebook.   I peeked in today to see what everyone has been up to… and to take a much needed break from writing…  and discovered that I am at 968 likes!  It seems to me, 1000 likes is a pretty important milestone to celebrate, and I have just the way to do it!  I just so happen to have an extra Sam doll that is looking for a home.  Wouldn’t she make a great Christmas gift for someone?!  So here is the deal, go to my Facebook page and like this months newsletter post.  It will be pinned to the top of my main page.  After you do that, come back here and leave a comment below.  Once I reach 1000 likes, I will draw a winner from comments on this post – but remember, your comment will only count if you also like the newsletter post on my Facebook page!

The winner will be drawn as soon as I see that I have reached 1000 likes, so if we can drum up 32 likes in the next couple weeks, Sam could get to her new home in time for Christmas!

The  Minoan Wrap Skirt and Blouse

As seafarers and merchants, the Minoans imported a wide variety of trade goods from all over the world which led them to develop a very eclectic culture. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their bright and vibrant clothing. While the rest of the ancient world was wearing simple draped robes, the Minoans introduced the world to brightly colored layerd skirts with well defined waistlines and blouses with vibrant trims. This wrap skirt and blouse is based on a design found in an ancient Minoan wall mural, and although it is more than 4000 years old, the timeless design is just as stylish today as it was then.  This simple pattern was created as a special project for the young girls in my Sew Through History class, so it is an ideal project for beginning seamstresses.


Mark Your Calendars!

Keepers Dolly Duds will be having another Small Business Saturday through Cyber Monday Sale beginning at Midnight on Friday November 28th through Midnight on Monday November 30th!  All patterns will be 25% off those three days.

A Feast of Collars!


Stitch and Switch Collars, Keepers Dolly Duds Pattern #KDD/SS-Collars.

Have you seen the latest from Keepers Dolly Duds?  The first in a series of Stitch and Switch patterns to supplement  KDD patterns -01, -04, -05, -08, and -11.

Collars are often the focal point of any garment framing the shoulders, neck and the face.  Expand or enhance your favorite KDD patterns with 18 different collars to choose from.

These collar pattern pieces are supplemental to existing KDD patterns and are to be used in place of original collars provided and/or to give additional options for KeepersDollyDuds patterns. Most can be made from small scraps of fabric and adorned with left over lace, soutache trims, top stitching, mini buttons, and ribbon.



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91 thoughts on “The Latest News… November 2015

  • Mary H.

    I ‘liked’ your newsletter post on Facebook. I would love to win Sam because I was a kid in the 1960s, and it would be fun to sew her some clothes from that era.

  • Lesley from NE

    I liked your Facebook post for this month’s newsletter! I would love to be entered in the drawing. Love getting your newsletters every month, they are very interesting.

  • valeri vejrostek

    I was a clothing designer back in Manhattan in the 70’s I appreciate the detail you put in tyoyr designs/patterns , it’s what sets them apart from other companies !I’d love to try and make tge pilgrim outfit for next week . Thank you !

  • Shana

    I love your patterns! I wish I had more time to sew them all. Thank you for the chance to win Sam from AGAT!

  • Carol M.

    Who knew how stylish the Minoans were?? You’re right …the style is plus au courant ! So happy you include two sizes in your patterns…and looking forward to the sale coming up to replenish my pattern supply! Thank you for the wonderful designs and easy to follow instructions … and for generously offering to give away a Sam.

  • allison such

    hopefully i am going to buy the Minoan pattern tomorrow as a treat for myself after my museum exhibition skills 102 course. and yes i do love Sam id love to win her for as a college student i could barely afford to purchase a Girl of All Time from the UK and it would be so cool to own a doll whom represents the era my own mother grew up in also have so much fun making 1960s clothing from the Mod era which changed the face of the history of Great Britain in the Modern World

  • janis pepper

    Sheri, I look Foward each month for your news letter. I would really like to add Sam to my collection. Thank you for all you do to inspire me.

  • Amy D.

    You make the loveliest historical clothes for dolls. I am so pleased I am lucky enough to have a few of them.

  • gloria buckle

    Love your patterns, and always find your newsletter extremely interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing your work and research with us. I “liked” your FB page a long time ago, and tonight, I “liked” your newsletter on your FB page.

  • Jessica

    I love Sam and Matilda would love the company! I can’t wait to see all the new patterns. I love reading your newsletter!

  • claire el-hajj

    This is a beautiful doll and I would enjoy making her clothes like the ones that I wore way back then.

  • Linda

    Your patterns are brilliant. I have sewn things for my AGFAT Matilda I never thought I’d be able to do because your pattern instructions are so brilliant. Would love the opportunity to be able to sew for Sam too. Keep up the brilliant work.

  • Mathilde

    Another wonderful newsletter! That history of needles was fascinating! When I visited Plimoth Plantation last spring, a Wampanoag lady there was sewing baby mocassins with a bone needle… that looked hard to do and my first reflex was to ask her about the needle, too! So thanks for the month’s lesson, it answered all my questions on the topic!

    Another giveaway is always exciting! Sam looks like she has beautiful brown eyes, and knowing her clothes were designed by KDD and you would make her even more special. Thank you for being so generous with your readers!

  • Rhonda

    Good Morning, I see you have the SEW POWERFUL live stream on your facebook. I was proud to be mentioned twice by the lady in the pinkish top. It was a surprise. LJ is where I seen your patterns first. I have ordered buckles from your Etsy site, too. I hope to be lucky enuf to win the doll as she is my era too. Thank you for sharing your blessings!

  • Kim Lawrence

    Love your designs! Super AWESOME of you to give away a “Sam!” Thanx for your generosity! I’ve been anxious to add her to my collection! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

  • Stephanie A.

    I have a special affinity for Sam for two reasons. I was a child in the 1960’s and my initials are SAM.

  • Janet S

    The Minoan Wrap Skirt is another great pattern! I really enjoy reading your history lessons and I “Like” your newsletter!

  • Sophie T

    Congrats on your Facebook page getting known more and more, and on your business growing! You sure deserve it! Sam is a lovely doll, and it is so nice of you to offer one as a giveaay! She would be well welcomed in our home! I “liked” your newsketter post on Facebook!

  • Jaci Gasior

    Love your newsletters and all the background/historical info you include! Also love your designs!

  • Melodie Hess

    I love all your patterns! I’m excited for the sale. I’m not caught up with the patterns I have yet, but I must have them all and eventually get to them! Thank you for your creativity!

  • margaret

    I love the historical information that you provide with your patterns –I LOVE your patterns
    I loved the newsletter on FB and would like to enter the ‘Win Sam’ competition

  • Holly Linehan

    I love your patterns, the fit is always perfect, the directions are impeccable, and your newsletter is fun and interesting to read, I look forward to it each month.

  • Mary Reinhardt

    Love your newsletters, they are so informative. I would love to give Sam a home and sew some cute outfits for her.

  • Sue

    I find your newsletters fascinating reads. So much information that I didn’t know I needed to know!
    My grandmother had an antique needlebook filled with needles her family had purchased in their lifetimes. The felt pages had names embroidered on them to hold that particular person’s needle. There was a emery padded back cover to file any burr away and to keep the needles sharp and rust free. So much history in that ‘book’!
    I am not a part of FaceBook so I can’t ‘like’ your newsletter that way but I wish you luck in getting to the number you want (whatever that actually means).

  • Katie Chapman

    My mum trained as a fashion designer in the 60’s I still have some of her dresses….they are very short…haven’t dared wear them since my teens.

  • Marge R (mer)

    Sam is on my Wishlist, as I was a teen/young adult in the 60’s, so very excited to see your post today. When things settle down a bit after Thanksgiving and our DD’s wedding, I’m going to come back and peruse your newsletters in more detail and hopefully find time to sew more in the coming New Year. Thank you for this giveaway; I Liked your Newsletter post!

  • Candice Lacy

    I love your site and I’d love to win Sam! I just got Lydia a few days ago, and I can’t wait to see for these girls! Pick me!

  • Katherine

    I’ve liked the Newsletter on Facebook. I’m totally intrigued by the Stitch and Switch Collars, but I don’t have enough of the patterns they modify to justify them. Maybe that will change during the Thanksgiving sale! 🙂

  • Janine R

    Really enjoy your newsletter and absolutely love your fashions. Looking forward to the big sale-have several must haves on my list.

  • Sue K.

    Thank you for all of the historical information you share. I enjoy reading it, as well, as the great patterns you create.

  • Elsje Neal

    Love all the patterns that you have made for all the AGAT dolls. Particularly love Sam’s outfit, and her shoes are amazing. Since Sam arrived I have been inspired to try my hand at a number of 60s doll clothes for my own doll, a Hannah/Sarah 50cm Gotz. Thank you for all the inspiration and I really enjoy receiving these newsletters

  • Anne-Marie

    Your work is so detailed and I love that you educate through the patterns and newsletters as well.

  • Bonnie S

    Shari you always have such great ideas! It would be wonderful to be able to add Sam to my doll family. Thanks for sharing and good luck reaching that 1000 likes milestone!

  • Linda

    I love your historical patterns! I have also used ( multiple times) your sewing hams and dress bag! Lovely details.Would love to win the doll for my youngest granddaughter . She does not have an 18 inch yet like her cousins and would love her so.

  • Lindsay

    I love all the work you do on the history and not just the styles. I look forward to your newsletter each month 🙂

  • Carrie Baker

    Just discovered your site- I am enjoying it immensely! We are a family of doll lovers and would love to add Sam to our collection!

  • Vickie

    I enjoy reading your newsletter each month. 🙂 I liked your newsletter on Facebook and I would love to be entered into the drawing for Sam. 🙂

  • vicky stine

    I hope I win Sam.I don’t have any AGFAT. I will give me a reason to sew more doll clothes. Oh did I need another reason? LOL

  • Sheila Ryan

    I love your facebook page and your very informative newsletter.I also enjoy making your beautiful aptterns.Looking forward to making the Minoan outfit.It is ageless yet so modern.I would love to win a Sam doll simply because I do not have one yet in my collection of beautiful dolls.

  • Caroline

    I would love to see more of your beautiful designs in A Girl Fir All Time size especially 1940s and 1960s designs.

  • Daniela

    What a lovely present for Christmas, you are realy kind to organise this give away. I love your patterns, especialy becomes you are one of the few that dresses agfat dolls. You realy deserves to reach and surpass the 1000 likes ?

  • Lori K

    I read your newsletter and “liked” it as my business page Elle Kaye’s Doll Closet. You design beautiful patterns!

  • Darlene Paige

    I really enjoy this newsletter. I have learned so much, and continue to learn new and interesting things 🙂 Winning Sam would be a dream 🙂 She is from my era – it was a wild and fun time – just after rock and roll and just before the far out 70s. It was a fun time and experimenting with clothes – new styles, new fabrics – gorgeous brocades and polyester! I remember having a piece of each – both puffy! The polyester of the 60s will outlive the planet, as it is indestructible. Bell bottoms swished and we had the best music. For me, sewing was the best part – I learned to sew, and have never tired of it. After so many decades of fabric and sewing, I still learn from Thimbles and Acorns Newsletter – love it!

  • Phillippa

    I only found your website and FB page today as someone had shared it. What a delight to see all of your patterns! Please enter me to win Sam as I adore the ‘a girl for all time’ dolls.

  • Nancy Kight

    Love this doll. I don’t have one and would love to add her to my collection. Love your patterns and use them all the time.

  • Katherine

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see more of your patterns! Sam’s a cutie – would love for her to come here to join Matilda and Clem!

  • Christie Berthold

    I always like your newsletters and look forward to them every month. I learn so much from them. I am especially loving the From Fig Leaves to High Fashion. Do you ever sleep? I enjoy how you share about Eve’s designs and what is happening in the AGAT world. My daughter was born in 1961 (I,too, was a mere child) so I experienced sewing those fashions as she entered the tweens. As a young adult I wore some of them myself.

  • Julie Koppleberger

    I am so glad I found your newsletter. You make such pretty patterns! Thank you for the chance to win Sam.

  • Rebecca Betz

    I really enjoyed reading the newsletter article about the pins. What a fascinating bit of history for what is now a commonplace object!