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799 Likes….  Let’s have a Pre-800 Celebration on Freebie Friday!!

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The newly revised 1870s Bustle Dress pattern will be released on Friday at Pixie Faire. Get it for FREE on this weeks Freebie Friday!

Who knows, maybe we’ll pass 800 by then.

This month, I finally finished a complete revision of our popular “1870s Bustle Dress”.  I made some significant alterations to the Bodice for the A Girl for All Time size to accommodate additional layers (hard bodied dolls aren’t as forgiving to additional layers as soft bodied dolls).  The end result produced a bodice with a more elegant shape.  Because I am so close to 800 likes on Facebook and so many of you already own this pattern, I decided I am going to offer this newly revised edition on Pixie Faire’s Freebie Friday this week.  So, if you want to get a complimentary copy of it, be sure to find it on Pixie Faire this Friday!

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Our Latest Designables Pattern, Sweet Sashay Overskirt, will be available this Friday at Pixie Faire!

Designables… Is Officially a Series With It’s the Release of our Sweet Sashay Pattern

Our Brand new Designables pattern will also be available this Friday.  This pattern as well as our Waterfall pattern are both designed to be worn with the 1870s Bustle Dress, so be sure to add copies of those to your collection as well.

Silk Ribbon on Sale This Month!

I have been adding more colors of Silk Ribbon to our Etsy Shop and we now carry Herbal Green, Dusty Rose, Pomegranate, and Dragonfly Blue in 1/8″, 3/8″, and 1″ widths (the Dragonfly Blue is also available in 2″ wide).  They will be available for 20% off until next months newsletter.


To Kate, who won the drawing for the one yard piece of Poison Green fabric from the “Judging a Cloth By Its Color… part 3” article last month and to Penny T. who won the drawing for the First Impressions Sewing Kit!  Enjoy your treasures.  Be sure to look for the hidden drawings for this month!


My boys are loving this outfit, and it is high time I tackled it! Think Daniel Boone, think Revolutionary War, think Davey Crockett. This is the epitome of Frontier Clothing… oh if I only knew how to felt hats.

Boy Pattern Coming Up!

Really, it is next on my to do list!  I am a mom of four boys, and they keep asking me when I am going to make something they can oohhh and ahhhh over.  Well, okay, maybe they didn’t use the phrase ooohhh and ahhh, but you get the gist.  Keep following me on Facebook and Pinterest (check out my  “On the Drawing Board 2015” Board).  Design work should continue this week.

Keepers Dolly Duds Designs


KDD-18 is officially on the drawing board, look for it soon!

While I try to get in touch with my masculine side, Tom is busily getting the pattern pieces together for this pretty little number from Keepers Dolly Duds.   Here is a little peek at what Eve has been working on.  Look for it Csoon!


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6 thoughts on “The Latest News… May 2015

  • Mary Margaret Petty

    Love your historic designs! looking to sign up for your newsletter :o) Thank you in advance for your lovely bustle dress as Pixie Faire’s Friday Freebie. I am looking forward to making this outfit.
    Kindest regards,
    Mary Margaret

  • Marcy Mahle

    Thank you so much for the free pattern on Pixie Faire. You are most kind. As to the boy patterns. I think it would be fun to have a Sherlock Holmes patterns, perhaps just the cape and deerstalker cap. Girls could even wear that too.

  • Monique

    I love Victorian dresses! Does one need your lobster tail bustle (pattern 1870-2) for the dress to sit correctly?

  • Shari Post author

    If you are using the original overskirt for the 1870s Bustle, I highly recommend making the lobster tail bustle to wear underneath, otherwise it looks droopy. The Sweet Sashay and Waterfall pieces, however, look just fine without the lobster tail.