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Blessed Boredom

Every year, I look forward to summer like I did as a kid.  You remember those golden days, when summer was a delicious mix of freedom and boredom.  Perhaps I get too caught up in the nostalgia, but ever since I became an adult, the flurry of activity and work that my summers now bring still takes me by surprise.  Here it is, the middle of July, and I have yet to take my bike out of the garage, swim in the lake, or go for a long hike up to Blueberry Hill.  This week,  I took my two youngest sons to my in-laws on a sort of working vacation to help them with a couple of house projects.  As I work, I notice the boys …  they are bored and enjoying every minute of it.  I can’t help but smile.  Boredom is the fertile ground where we plant our dreams, conceive our theories, and nurture our ideas.  I can almost hear the gears turning in their heads and before long they are off like a shot to try out one idea or another.  It has been a beautiful week so far, and though I am hoping to get a lot accomplished while I am here,  I am making a point to put work away from time to time for canoe rides, hot dog roasts, and a little boredom.


18th Century Hunting Frock


18th Century Hunting Frock. Click Here to see it at Pixie Faire!

Our 18th Century Hunting Frock is now available at Pixie Faire!  I love this uniquely American outfit.  Leave a comment below to be entered in a drawing for a free Sewing Kit.



Civil War Kepi Hat!

Oh BOY, what a summer!  Not only did my boys get the Hunting Frock, but after our trip to Gettysburg and

Civil War Kepi Hat pattern available soon!  Watch for them at

Civil War Kepi Hat pattern available soon! Watch for them at

Appamattox Court House last month, I was finally inspired to make a pattern for the Civil War Kepi Hat to go with our Civil War Uniform.  I am really excited about how it turned out and it should be ready to be released some time next week.  I am toying with the idea of making this in full sized versions as well… would  any of your kids (or adults) want a pattern for your own Kepi Hat?

Pattern #1860-02

Civil War Uniform For Both Union and Confederate Enlisted Soldiers. Click Here to see it at Pixie Faire!

By the way, while the hat is off being tested,  the Civil War and 18th Century shirts are just about ready as well.  They should be available shortly after the Kepi Hat comes out.










Have you Seen Sam?


Sam, the newest A Girl for All Time doll will be available in September!

I am so excited to announce that A Girl For All Time will be releasing their 5th doll “Sam” in September. It was such an honor to be able to work on Sam’s wardrobe with Eve Coleman of Keeper’s Dolly Duds and Caroline Harris.  Caroline Harris is a costume designer from Great Britain and headed up the wardrobe design for “42 – The Jackie Robinson Story”  My four boys loved that movie, and they got pretty excited when I showed them the name of the designer I was working with on the back of their DVD.  It is such a great feeling when your kids think you are the coolest person in the world.


Lydia Has Been Nominated for Playdoll of the Year!


Please take the time to vote for her!

Lydia has been nominated for Play Doll of the Year, but we will need your vote to win.  Click Here to place your vote!

Lydia has been nominated for Play Doll of the Year, but we will need your vote to win. Click Here to place your vote!




Congratulations to Mary Jane for Winning Last Months Drawing!

Last month I tucked a giveaway in my “From Fig Leaves to High Fashion” article, for a one yard length of light blue wool.  Be sure to read through this months newsletter to find this months giveaway.


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26 thoughts on “The Latest News… July 2015

  • Phyllis Hagerman

    Love this new andexciting pattern. I always like to try new things. Your patterns are so wonderful. Can’t wait for the hat pattern to be available….

  • Kate

    Wow! You have had a busy summer so far! This is my last summer as a ‘kid’ so I’ll be sure to enjoy every moment of it 🙂

  • Vickie

    I love your 18th Century hunting frock pattern. Our family does 18th Century reenacting and I remember how excited my boys were when I finally made them a hunting frock. Now that they are grown and on their own I can make one for my dolls. I am anxiously awaiting the Civil War kepi hat too. I think it is wonderful of you to do these drawings and make so many great patterns. Thank you. 🙂

  • Sue Kluger

    I really like the historical patterns you make available. This hunting frock is especially of interest to me and my family. Thank you for creating this.

  • Duana

    In addition to sewing for dolls, I do 18th century re-enacting and this hunting frock is so cute! I also do Civil War and cannot wait for the kepi hat!

  • Gloria Buckle

    It is so refreshing that someone is creating historical patterns for 18″ boy dolls. I actually gave away my Our Generation Jack doll to a friend’s daughter because I wasn’t skilled enough to make him any historical outfits without a pattern as a guide. How lucky for all of us that these patterns are being made now by someone as talented as you. Thank you. (I wonder how long I’ll have to wait before my “Jack” will come back to me. LOL)

  • Carol M.

    I’d love to make a fringed hunting outfit for my American girl “boy” Brady Gayle! YEARS ago I sewed a similar costume for as Ken doll…still have it on display. Looks a lot like your version, but I did make him a “coonskin” cap, as we all thought that was the proper headgear. Glad to know the truth about that!

  • Diane

    I look forward to your monthly newsletter as it is very informative and well done. Your patterns are exquisite and I enjoy making the outfits for my many dolls. Thank you for your education and inspiration!

  • Darlene O'Donnell

    Thanks for all the news – I like your new pattern, and I am trying to think of the perfect fabric. Brings back memories of old TV shows and movies when I was a kid.

    Free sewing kit – interesting – intrigued by what might be in it!

    Nice to see Sam in your Newsletter – remember only one vote per household. I remember the “wild” styles and colours – at least we thought they were then. 🙂

  • Karen L

    Your patterns are so realistic and true reproductions. I need to challenge myself and make an outfit – I have the patterns, I just need the courage!

  • Marcy Mahle

    I am looking forward to you rnew Civil War Patterns. I have the coat and pants and I even bought the Pixie Packs to go with both the North and South. Now all I need is to find an 18 inch boy doll to go with them. The hunting set is wonderful. Most of all I love the History that you provide in your newsletters as well as the Historical patterns.

  • Janine R

    I love the Civil War pattern.I am sure an adults kepi hat would be much appreciated by all the re enactors.

  • Annlee

    I love all your historical patterns and your hunting frock pattern is really cute, hope to get it soon. It nice to see some some boy patterns.

  • Candice Lacy

    I love the hunting frock! I need to create a boy doll so I can make one! (Ooohhh, or a girl in disguise–story line happening in my head here!)

  • Rebecca W

    The summer is certainly flying!

    My boy doll is a modern character, but I’m tempted to make one of your costumes for him anyway. Maybe claim it is for Halloween or for a school project.

  • Jessica B

    I can’t believe it’s almost August either…ugh. But we managed to squeeze in our first family camping trip (three kids under three…might be a while before we do that again 😉 and VBS is just around the corner. Love your newsletters!

  • Sewbig

    Melangell and I pattern-tested the Frontier Frock pattern. What a fun sew! It’s an easy to sew pattern. The fun was in the fringing. I bought my fabric at Hancock Fabrics. 100% linen. Great weave and weight for this project.

    Here’s a link to my Pinterest board where you can see a finished project:

    Scroll through my board. and you’ll see quite a few of Thimbles’ patterns.

  • Penny T.

    I’ve been waiting fir the Kepi hat ever since the uniform pattern was released. Now I’m doubly excited to see the hunting frock available too!

  • Lesley from Ne

    I love your newsletters! They remind me of one of my favorite classes in college….History of Costume. It is amazing what we can learn from clothing choices made in history.

    Also, congratulations on being asked to design the outfit for Sam. I saw that you were part of that on another doll blog and I knew I would love the outfit! Great job, she looks awesome.

    Enjoy your summer!

  • Sophie T

    The 18th century frock looks fabulous and makes me want a boy doll! Plus, being a Quebecer, I think it fits perfectly into our history and would be a great addition to the New-France wardrobe I’m trying to create.

    The kepi looks great (and so does the Civil War outfit), and I’m sure people would love the real size pattern!

    Finally, I love AGFAT Sam’s outfit (so colorful and fun!), and I can’t wait to see the other outfits! You and Eve never fail to amaze us and you did such a great job with Lidya’s outfits…