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As I sat down to write this evening, I realized that today marks my second anniversary for this newsletter!  It is hard to believe it has been two years since I sent out those first articles.  As a new writer, it was a little nerveracking putting my work out there for everyone to read, but everyone has made this such a rewarding place to grow and develop my writing skills and I thank you all for your encouragement these last 24 months.  This has turned out to be “The Boys of Summer” summer with the release of our “18th Century Hunting Frock”, “Civil War Kepi Hat”, and “Coonskin Cap” soon to be followed by our 18th Century boys shirt and Civil War Era boys shirt.  My four boys have enjoyed watching these pieces come together, but I must admit I am more than ready to get back to some fru-fru girls dresses!  We have  a lot more to pack in these last three weeks of summer, so keep watching us on Facebook, Pinterest, and at our Website to see how everything unfolds.


Upcoming Website Redesign

We have been wanting to do this for a few years now, but weren’t sure where or how to begin.  This summer, Tom has been working hard, learning the ins and outs of website design, and I have been thinking a lot about our goals and objectives.  In the next week our so, we will be launching our newly designed website and I am really excited to share it with you.  The brighter pages will be easier to read and showcase Tamilee’s beautiful photography; the new menu will be divided into specific categories, making it easier for you to find specific articles you are looking for; and we have started to build lesson plans that will teach sewing skills and history, a great resource for history buffs and homeschool students!


Lydia Doll Giveaway!

I have had a beautiful Lydia doll sitting on my desk for a number of months now, waiting for just the right opportunity to be given away.  It was such an honor to work with A Girl for All Time on this project and I have decided that perhaps the launch of our website redesign is the perfect time to celebrate with an extra special giveaway!  I haven’t quite decided how to run the giveaway yet, so be sure to read next months newsletter to get in on the fun… perhaps some of you could offer some suggestions on how I should work this.  Any ideas?


Keep watching our website for a chance to win your very own Lydia doll, by A Girl for All Time!


Keepers Dolly Duds Designs “Bibbed Playsuit” Due to be Released Later This Week

Eve’s final edits are in and the pattern has been sent off to our Design Consultants for proofing.  Watch us on Facebook to see when it is available!


Upcoming 1830s pattern from Thimbles and Acorns!

As I get closer to wrapping up these boy patterns, I find myself thinking more and more about fancy trims, puffed sleeves, and  layers of ruffles.  A few weeks ago, I could no longer resist and began working out an 1830s dress for my next pattern.  Oh, what fun it was to create enormous puffed sleeves and play with a variety of bodice details!  It has been difficult to decide which sleeves and bodices to use, so I am thinking this project may spill over into a series of Design-ables patterns as well.  Which sleeves do you like best, the Beret sleeves or the bound Gigot sleeves?


1830s Dress with Beret Sleeves


1830s Dress with bound Gigot sleeves



Congratulations to Kath for Winning Last Months Drawing!

Last month I tucked a giveaway in “The Latest News”  for an “18th Century Hunting Frock” sewing kit.   Be sure to read through this months newsletter articles to find this months giveaway.



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19 thoughts on “The Latest News… August 2015

  • Melodie Hess

    I love your current site. Easy to read and navigate.

    I like both sleeves for the new dress, but if I have to choose, the Gigot would be the one I would want to make first.

    Your’s and Keepers patterns are the one’s I use most for my AGs and AGFAT.

    Just my personal thought, but rather than each additional “item” be another $4.99. I’d pay a bit higher price for the original pattern to include a few of these extras.

  • Rebecca Todd

    Oo, I really like the gigot sleeves the best! I’m curious how much fabric you would need – I have one in mind for when this pattern comes out but don’t know if I have enough (used part of it for another dress).

  • Shari Post author

    Good thought, however, it could end up being a VERY large pattern because there are a number of different bodice and sleeve options I want to do. My thought is to have a number of options in each Design-ables pattern, not just individual pieces.

  • Mary Reinhardt

    I like the bound Gigot sleeves. It makes the dress look elegant. I also like the Bibbed Playsuit. I’ll be watching the Keepers Dolly Duds site for these patterns.

  • Mary H.

    Both sleeve options are lovely, but the gigot sleeves are my favorite. And I’m also looking forward to your two shirts for boys.

  • Jude

    Thank you for another fun newsletter. I really look forward to them. As for the sleeves, by far the bound Gigot sleeves. They are so graceful. The Beret sleeves are pretty, but they just don’t flatter the way the Gigot sleeves do, Thanks for considering our input. Jude

  • Elsje

    Beautiful dress. Love the look of the gigot sleeves as it seems to balance the outfit the best. I am looking forward to its release

  • Sophie T

    That was another super interesting newsletter! Thank you! Happy second anniversary to your Newsletter! I really enjoy reading each of them!

    I’m looking forward to your 1830 pattern! I hope you include both sleeve styles! Visually, for us in the 21st century, I think the gigot sleeves look more pleasing, but I do think the beret sleeves are so typical of that period of time… They have to be there!

  • Mo

    I like both 1830s sleeve options and would make both – so I can’t decide.

    Guess I will need both —

    That’s the way it is with your patterns – they are so thorough and my results are always terrific! One, two, three , an another – it’s worse than potato chips!!!

  • Ellen Bierlein

    I LOVE the gigot style but the beret are nice also. SO nice and puffy. We just returned from PEI and doing the Ann of Green Gables visit so I hear Marilla saying “pretty soon ladies will have to go thru a doorway sideways as there’s enough fabric in those puff sleeves to make a “waist”!! Just a neat look. I’d LOVE variations, I’m always switching pattern pieces to get new looks.

  • Sue

    When I see those puffed sleeves of the beret style I think of Scarlet O’Hara – but the skirt would need a few more petticoats or a hoop to keep it balanced.
    I do like the gigot style with the skirt you have paired them with.

  • Janine R

    Gigot sleeves please. Glad to hear about the makeover. I’m in my mid 60s and have a lot of trouble reading the newsletter with it’s gray colored lettering. Hoping the new will have more contrast and thus be easier for these eyes. Thank you for the pattern too. I love your newsletter and read the entire thing.

  • Cora Flispart

    I like both sleeves. I, too, am looking forward to the boy’s shirt pattern. I have a 17 month old grandson and am looking forward to making clothes for his doll.

    I got the civil war boy done for the KY State Fair, along with a matching belle. The steampunk doll is so cute, using your waterfall pattern with Liberty Jane’s Shibuya jacket pattern. I used Urban Threads embroidery patterns for the hat, choker, and bow for the waterfall. I had to enlarge the hat and shrink the choker for them to work on the 18″ doll. Send me an email about sending the pics to you. I will know today what placings I got.
    Happy Anniversary!! I am looking forward to your new patterns. I have retired from teaching and looking forward to sewing many doll clothes.

  • Monique

    I love the beret sleeves, especially as I think these are the sleeves in a Broadway costume that I’m thinking of reproducing at American Girl doll size. I would love to get the pattern in any way you decide to release it.