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Keepers Dolly Duds Pattern #KDD14 sized to fit A Girl for All Time!

The dog days of summer are upon us here at Thimbles and Acorns, but here in Northern Minnesota where winters are long and summers are short, we are soaking up the heat and sunshine while we can to help get us through the coldest and darkest days of the winter.  Still, there is a lot going on in our studio, so although work is getting finished at a slower pace, we are still moving forward.

Last month, we released Keepers Dolly Duds Designs 14th pattern with Thimbles and Acorns, “Bodice Details”.  The delightful 1930s style dress comes with two asymmetrical bodice options…. and soon it will be available for A Girl for All Time dolls as well!  Eve has been busy working on some side projects with Simplicity this last year, her first one is in stores now if they aren’t sold out as they are at our local fabric store.  Her second pattern with them is coming out this fall, so keep your eyes peeled… these have been selling out quickly!10549952_493910337419397_4701320759310214940_o Never fear, Eve and I still have lots of plans together, and Pattern #KDD15 is already on the drawing board.  We expect it to be available early next month… a little Austen anyone?

Beginning September 1st. Thimbles and Acorns patterns will be available exclusively through Pixie Faire .  Our reasoning is two fold.  One, we are trying to move away from sales and marketing so we can focus on pattern publishing.  Two, we want to support what Pixie Faire is doing through their “Sew Powerful” ministry, and we feel the closer we work with them the more we can support what they are doing there.  To avoid confusion, we are no longer going to sell patterns in our Etsy shop, but will focus on sewing supplies there.  Keepers Dolly Duds Designs patterns will be available exclusively at Eve’s Etsy store, Kindred Threads will be available exclusively at their website,  VintiqueDesigns will be available exclusively at their Etsy store, and Flossie Potter Patterns will be available exclusively at Pixie Faire.  Since Pixie Faire patterns are sold both at their website and on Etsy, you will still have the convenience of one-stop shopping.


Keep your eyes peeled, these ensembles will be available through Pixie Faire as a special fundraiser for “Sew Powerful”.

As we await the arrival of Lydia from A Girl for All Time this fall, we are continuing our 18th century pattern series with our upcoming “18th Century Underpinnings” … those delightful and interesting undergarments of yore.  Though I wonder, are they truly undergarments?  Then and now, you see them floating to the surface in women’s wardrobes… dressed up they make a beautiful addition to historical wardrobes as well as the more modern steam punk ensembles.

Have you checked out our Civil War Era Pixie Packs on Pixie Faire? We have put together some carefully selected  fabrics and notions to make up our Civil War Era designs.  The Civil War Uniform packs are available for both Union and Confederate outfits and include a play-friendly wool blend fabric as well as assorted trim colors so you can decorate your uniform for Infantry, Artillery, or Cavalry.  The Dress packs include 100% English Pima Cotton Stripes or Checks and a complimentary assortment of trim and notions.

0000-02 Page 01 This month marks the 1 year anniversary of our newsletter!  Thanks to all of you who have subscribed, offered your input, allowed us a peek into your lives,  shared your creations, and made this such a great experience for all of us.  Writing is one of my more recent hobbies, and this newsletter has been a great outlet for developing my skills by giving me a wonderful audience to cheer me on.  Last year, I offered a free Garment Bag pattern to all my first subscribers, this month we are posting this free pattern on our website along with our ever popular Mini Tailor’s Ham and Sleeve roll. 0000-01 Page 01  If you don’t have them yet, you can find them on our “Free Pattern Downloads” page… no checkout necessary, just download, print, and sew!


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9 thoughts on “The Latest News… August 2014

  • Melangell

    I wanted to thank you for the pattern for the Tailors Ham and Sleeve Roll. I made them last fall and since completing them, they have become a staple of pressing doll clothes.

    To anyone who hasn’t taken the time to do so, make up this pattern. You will thank yourself (and Shari also!).

  • Sophie T

    Thank you for those 2 free patterns! They will help us get the best out of the beautiful garments we make with your patterns, as well as preserve them!

  • janet S

    Thanks Shari! Like Melangell I use my Tailors Ham and Sleeve Roll when sewing for our dolls. They have become indispensable tools in my sewing chest. Thank you again for the Garment Bag – my granddaughters love it. It has been “to the Moon and back” during play time!

  • Beth

    Oh, I am sad you will no longer have patterns on your etsy store. I would rather buy them directly from you.

  • Shari Post author

    It was a big decision Beth, but we are hoping that this move will free up more time for me to create more patterns. In the meantime, we will still be carrying supplies in my Etsy shop… and my patterns will still be available on Etsy through Pixie Faire. Besides, I will still be here for any questions you may have :o}

  • Sewbig

    Melangell and I sew together once a week. We use these pressing tools almost every time we sew. And when we sew, we always mention that this pattern is one of our favorite patterns. Everything you sew looks better when it is well pressed, and the scale of the ham makes it perfect to press AG sized bodices. I use the sleeve ham to press sleeves and pants.

    We filled ours with sawdust. I really recommend this over the fiberfill stuffing. Stuff as full as you can! Melangell and I had a great time making the hams and filling them. Just as an aside, the room smells so nice when you steam a garment over the wood filled ham!

  • Jeanne

    Thank you for the Tailor’s Ham and Sleeve Roll pattern. I’m sure they will be great replacements for the makeshift “wads” of fabric and batting that I have been using!

    Thank you, too, for a year’s worth of newsletters. They are so interesting and informative. Congratulations on all of your exciting accomplishments during the last year and best wishes as you move forward.