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To Kentucky and Back Again!


Me and my friend Lynelle in front of the World’s Largest bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum. That was one BIG bat!

Last week, I drove to Kentucky with four friends from my church on a sort of vacation… we were there to attend a Children’s Ministry conference, but had so much fun together it hardly felt like work.  Still, we did learn a lot and came back inspired.  One thing that our Children’s Ministry director and I ended up talking a lot about was something that has been on each of our hearts for a long time.  This summer, we are hoping to run a series of workshops for the kids in our community where she can teach painting and I can teach sewing and history – if we can inspire others in our community, we hope to add more workshops to the list.  I am so excited about this idea and am looking forward to sharing what I love with these kids with the hopes of making a positive impact on their lives in the process.  That being said, my newsletter may be themed around these workshops as I hunker down and start preparing my presentations… I would love to hear your insight, thoughts, and ideas as we move forward with this plan!


Four Patterns in Four Weeks… We are Really Rocking at Thimbles and Acorns!

By the end of this month, we will have released a total of four patterns since the last newsletter!


The newly revised Keepers Dolly Duds 1850s Girls Dress pattern is now available. Click Here to see it!

The first pattern was the revised version of Keepers Dolly Duds Designs 1850s Girls Dress!  We have learned a lot and honed our skills since releasing this first pattern, so we have begun working our way through all our older patterns to bring them up to the standard and quality of our newer ones.  This updated pattern features a fresh full-color cover and updated illustrations, pattern pieces, and layout.  All the revisions, with the exception of a slight widening of the armscye to improve the fit, were cosmetic so if you purchased this pattern in the past, there is no need to purchase the new version.  Because we now have so many customers, we will be unable to offer free PDF updates, however, we are working on a plan to make the cover and the altered pattern pieces available to you on our websites.  We will keep you posted as we figure it out.

186001AGATePage 01blackframe

Thimbles and Acorns Civil War Era Day dress is now available for A Girl for All Time Dolls. Click Here to see it at Pixie Faire!



The second pattern was an A Girl for All Time version of Thimbles and Acorns 1860s Day Dress.  I began working on this a long time ago, but it got buried under a number of other projects this winter.  It finally resurfaced last month, and it is now available at Pixie Faire!  It can be worn with or without a crinoline… which means that a resized version of our “Unmentionables” pattern has been bumped up on the priority list!  The good news is, I already finished resizing the crinoline so I could use it to model Lydia’s dress on the front cover.  The pattern now features an optional front placket that will also be added to the revised American Girl size pattern which should be available sometime next month.


188003MultiPage 01blackframe

Thimbles and Acorns “First Impressions” pattern is now available through Pixie Faire!


The third pattern was a brand new one from Thimbles and Acorns called “First Impressions”.  As I have been working  my way through the Victorian Era, I  just knew I had to try this pattern out as I found the use of stripes fascinating and I have a penchant for Impressionist artwork.  Now, if you find the myriad of pleats a bit daunting, don’t worry, the pattern comes with instructions for a simple, unpleated skirt as well!  Leave a comment below to be entered in a drawing to win a kit to make the the “First Impressions” dress as pictured on the cover!

The "Waterfall Bustle" on our "Carrie", "1870s Bustle Dress", and "First Impressions" patterns.

The “Waterfall Bustle” on Thimbles and Acorns “First Impressions” pattern.  Click Here to see it at Pixie Faire.

Last month we released our “Waterfall Bustle”, the first in Thimbles and Acorns”Design-ables” series.  This is an add-on pattern that works with just about any dress, skirt, or even pants if you are in a Steampunk frame of mind.  It looks gorgeous with the “First Impressions” dress.


Keepers Dolly Duds “Spring Dirndl” will be available later today or tomorrow! Click HERE to watch for it!


As for pattern number four…. drum roll please…. Keepers Dolly Duds Designs pattern should be available for purchase later today or tomorrow!









Coming Up Next….


I was captivated by this overskirt and think it will look stunning with Thimbles and Acorns 1870s Bustle Dress!


I am liking how the plaid tips out a little more with each successive pleat… wonder how it would look with a stripe?

As always, there is plenty on the drawing board.  Over the next few weeks, keep your eyes out for another Design-ables pattern…


My son has been waiting for me to tackle this get-up!

I have also been neglecting my boys for far too long, so keep your eyes open for this Daniel Boone style hunting outfit!




Homeschoolers and Teachers Take Note!

At the request of several local homeschool moms, I have begun working on a Sewing through History curriculum that will teach the basics of sewing while exploring the historical evolution of clothing and fashion.  I would love to have your input.  What would you like to see in a curriculum like this?

Winners from Last Months Drawing…

Congratulations to Kara for winning the drawing for the “Poison Green” 19th Century Reproduction fabric by Andover Fabrics.  The article that this drawing was in didn’t make it into last months newsletter (oops!) so if you missed seeing it, I included it in this months newsletter so everyone will have another opportunity to win a yard of this fabric to make your very own “Poison Green” doll dress!


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19 thoughts on “The Latest News… April 2015

  • Jackie Friest

    I love using the patterns that you draft. I can always count on the fit being perfect. The instructions are also top notch. Keep up the good work!

  • Sophie T

    Congrats on your new patterns, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next time! I’m just about to start working on KDD’s 1850 dress pattern (which I bought a while ago), and really do wonder about those changes you and Eve made. I hope you find a way to share them somehow with the customers who purchased the patterns previously! I’m intrigued!

    “First impressions” is beautiful and I really like it with the waterfall bustle (I would be thrilled to win the giveaway kit!)! Can’t wait to see your new “high-low” pleated skirt paired with a bustle dress!

  • Darlene O'Donnell

    I am so excited about all of your news – the 4 patterns, and hope that the Daniel Boone outfit will fit Alister. Your plan to bring sewing and history to young people is brilliant! I attended an information about notions session, and they are looking at ways to bring sewing to young ones too. I love sewing, and I know so many will never know the joy and excitement of creating a beautiful garment if we do not share our knowledge. Your newsletter just made my day – a wonderful way to start my day and to begin to plan and think about ways to share. Thank you so much!

  • Rebecca

    Wow, the combination of stripes, small print, solid and “waterfalls” is a most interesting grouping. Thanks for making such a unique pattern available.

  • Rebecca

    Love all the historical patterns! I wish I had the time to do the research into all of them. Thanks for all the work you put in to give us the background!

  • Rebecca W.

    All of the new patterns are on my shopping list; I’m excited to try them! Several years ago I started a custom wardrobe for an 1870s doll and put it aside till my sewing skills improved. Your Victorian patterns have been giving me the confidence I need to pick it up again.

    Good luck with the summer programs! They sound fascinating.

  • Jessica

    All of your patterns as so wonderful! I wish I had more time to spend at my sewing table so that I could make all of them!

  • Lora C

    Your patterns are so inspiring. I have several of your patterns I haven’t made yet, but hope to get to soon. Thanks for sharing your love of history and sewing together.

  • Beth

    The Chicago Tribune had an article about an exhibit with this painting and dress in it awhile back, but I was unable to get up to see it. I would love to make one of these for one of my dolls.

  • Melodie Hess

    I really love all the patterns both you ladies create! I just can’t keep up. I have most of them and many with fabric that I want to use, but have only made it through a small handful so far. Either I need to take along vacation to catch up, or you two need to take a vacation so I can! 🙂
    Blessings to you both and your families,

  • Susan K.

    I love American history so when I saw a display of doll clothes that were made from your patterns, I decided to start sewing again. Thank you for the beautiful patterns and the inspiration.

  • Judy Holland

    I appreciate your research and love your patterns. I use them frequently and receive amazing responses. Thank You so much for the free ones on Friday.

  • Karen Loke

    I love how you use stripes in your designs. It can really make a difference in how the finished dress looks. Of course, you always have the best mix of stripes, dots, and other small prints!

  • Penny T.

    I love the two new patterns! First Impressions is so completely unique that I really want to sew it. It’s at the top of my buy next list.

  • Carol B.

    Your patterns continue to amaze me. I love the historical perspective that is included with the patterns. Keep up the fabulous work!