“The Hundred Dresses Project”


Shari Fuller, Owner
Thimbles And Acorns

For the last month, I have made an intentional effort to work through a huge pile of unfinished doll clothes, and to date I have completed a total of 39.  Though there are still quite a number that need to be finished, I get a deep sense of satisfaction whenever I look at the neat rows of all the ones ready and waiting to be sold.  The release of this newsletter marks the beginning of “The Hundred Dresses Project” that became my motivation to get these outfits finished and starting today I will be making them available on my website.

“The Hundred Dresses Project” was inspired by a messy sewing room, a pile of unfinished doll dresses, and a thought provoking book by Eleanor Estes.  While in the midst of cleaning and reorganizing my sewing room, I collected a pile of unfinished doll dresses that just needed a little time and attention to become what they were meant to be.  Now, I enjoy sewing, but the thought of getting through that immense pile was overwhelming.  As I stared at the task before me, contemplating where to start, I was reminded of the book “The Hundred Dresses” which I had read to my children a number of years ago… yes, a break sounded like the best place to start, so I pulled it off the shelf and found a cozy place to read.  As I read through the story again, I was struck by some of the messages imbedded in it that touched on the regret of lost opportunities, the realization of individual worth, the hope in repentance, and the peace of forgiveness.  When I finished reading, I began to realize that just like that pile of unfinished dresses, there are a lot of children in our area that just need a little time and attention to become what they are meant to be.  For a long time, my husband and I have talked about doing something to help some of these children in our area, but we didn’t know where to begin… so we didn’t.  “The Hundred Dresses Project” is about not losing any more opportunities and it is our hope that through it we will be able to make a difference.

How will “The Hundred Dresses Project” work?  Starting now, Thimbles and Acorns will be donating a minimum of 10% of the purchase price from every dress we sell to help area kids in need.  Our first plan is to purchase Teddy Bears, Dolls, and Blankets for the kids staying at our local youth shelter this Christmas.  The dresses I have been working on this last month will be used to launch this project and there will be a lot of great deals.  There aren’t a hundred dresses yet, but we will continue to add more as they are completed, so be sure to check back often.  As a special perk to our Newsletter subscribers, we won’t be announcing this sale anywhere else until October 22nd, 2013.