Project-01 Ancient Sumerian Shawl 1


Ancient Sumerian Shawl


By Thimbles and Acorns

Available in two sizes designed to fit American Girl®, A Girl for All Time®, and Other Similarly Sized Dolls

Make this Ancient Sumerian Shawl.  NO SEWING REQUIRED!


Materials needed:
1/3 yard of lightweight wool, linen, or cotton fabric. Because Sumerians were shepherds specializing in the production of wool, their robes would have probably been made of wool fabric, however, a lightweight linen or cotton is suitable for the scale of this project.

Step 1: Cut out a 12-inch by 45-inch piece of fabric for an 18-inch doll (11-inch x 38-inch for a 16-inch doll). Finish the edges by pulling the threads of the fabric to create a 3/8-inch wide fringe along each edge.

Step 2: Hold the one of the short edges of the shawl under the dolls left arm and wrap it around the doll two times.


 Step 3: Wrap the shawl around the front, drawing the bottom edge up in a neat drape.


Step 4: Wrap the shawl around the back one more time and throw the free edge over the dolls left shoulder. Arrange the free edge so it hangs neatly over the shoulder and down the front.


To learn more about the history behind this dress, click here.


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