Printing .pdf Patterns 2


By Thomas Fuller

Our patterns come to you as .pdf files, and there are many .pdf readers out there  you can use to view and print them.  Recently, some of our customers have had problems with our pattern pieces being too small when printed.  When printing our patterns, it is vital that you print the pages with no scaling (enlarging or shrinking the pattern to match your paper) otherwise the pieces won’t fit well together and your sewing project won’t fit the doll properly.  We recommend that you use Adobe Reader to view and print our .pdf patterns.  Here are some tips for installing Adobe Reader (if needed) and for printing from it.  These will be Windows-based instructions because we have no Mac experience (but we do know a little Linux).

Click HERE to view / print out the instructions.  And we’ll also have them posted in our Etsy store and on our website should you ever need to refer back to them again.


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2 thoughts on “Printing .pdf Patterns

  • Rachel Fuller

    Mr Thomas,
    I enjoyed reading your article on patterns. Will look forward to Viewing your upcoming articles with much anticipation.