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1404HollyBy Shari Fuller

Thimbles and Acorns


It is so easy to forget that children are simply adults in training. Even when we aren’t aware of it, our children are watching us closely in an effort to discover their own interests, talents, and passions. As they observe, they not only learn about what we do and how we do it, but also how we feel about what we are doing. When we are passionate about something and allow them to share that experience with us, chances are, they will develop a passion for it as well. Holly Linehan’s mother loved to sew, and this was very apparent to her even as a very young child. Sitting on her lap while she worked, Holly would watch her create at her sewing machine with an ever growing fascination. Before long, she was driving her mother crazy with her enthusiasm to learn. When she was eight years old, Holly started making simple doll clothes for her Barbies, and by the time she was eleven, she was making skirts and tops for herself.

About 11 years ago, Holly decided she wanted to turn her hobby into a business so she could work from home. Not Holly3knowing quite where to start, she began researching Ebay for ideas, and that is when she discovered American Girl Dolls. She had always liked sewing for dolls, so this seemed like the best direction to go. New York Doll Designs set up shop in the corner of her bedroom with nothing more than a basic sewing machine, a handful of patterns, and a little ingenuity. After the excitement of selling her first dress, she realized she could make a go at it and began working in earnest.

As her little business began to take off, Holly developed a wonderful circle of friends in her new online community. About 7 years ago, she got very ill from Toxic Mold hidden in her home. It took almost a year to diagnose, and for a long time, she was even too ill to sew. Starting her home business turned out to be a gift from God. 1404Holly2Not only did she receive encouragement and support from her new online friends, but as she recovered, she was able to start working again as she was able. Recently, she joined a group called “Dolls for a Cause”. You can read more about this group in Karen Mom of Three’s CraftBlog Currently, this group of 13 individuals sell themed doll packages to raise money for such causes as Breast Cancer, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Autism Awareness. Holly is thrilled to be doing what she loves, with people that she cares about, with a common purpose… to encourage and support others.

To learn more about Holly and New York Doll Designs, visit her Facebook page Holly4and her Ebay shop



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