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What a beautiful fall we are having here in Northern Minnesota!  It is still relatively warm and the earthy aroma of the fall air is just beginning to include a tinge of wood smoke as we try to ward off the early morning chills.  Pumpkins are everywhere, and as I write, I am enjoying a delightful bowl of pumpkin granola… a brand new fall favorite in the Fuller household.  The recipe is just too good not to share, so if you like to make your own granola, give this easy version a try and let me know what you think!  Pumpkin Spice Granola


New From Keepers Dolly Duds Designs

Eve is back after a very busy summer break!  Her new “Train Station”  pattern was  just released last week for 18-inch dolls and the 16-inch A Girl for All Time version was just released today.  Eve has a special knack for making beautiful designs that are easy to make.  If you have never tried your hand at making knife pleats, this classy skirt great project to start with.

Train Station, Keepers Dolly Duds Designs Pattern #KDD-22-16 for A Girl for All Time dolls

Train Station, Keepers Dolly Duds Designs Pattern #KDD-22-16 for A Girl for All Time dolls


More sizes for the The Prairie Pattern Series

We are working hard to add more custom sizes for Little Darlings, Hearts for Hearts, and Wellie Wishers to our growing pattern collection.  Earlier this month, we released the “Prairie Rose” dress pattern for A Girl For All Time dolls and the “Country Girl” dress pattern for Little Darlings, Hearts for Hearts, Les Cheries, and the new Wellie Wishers dolls.  I hadn’t intended to include the Hearts for Hearts and Les Cheries with the Little Darlings pattern, but the fit was so close that it only made sense to put them together.  As a little side note, if you like to sew for Little Darlings, try using patterns designed for Hearts for Hearts or Les Cheries dolls.  Adjust the fit by shortening the length of the skirt or legs and sleeves by 1/2-inch and the length of the bodice by 1/8-inch.

On the Drawing Board

I know, I know, I have plenty of other projects I need to finish, but ever since working on the wardrobe for A Girl For All Time’s upcoming Eleanor doll, I have been eager to start in on a Renaissance Era pattern series!  Earlier this month, I decided to take a short break from resizing Prairie Dress patterns and turn my attention to the 1500s to refresh my inspiration.  The first pattern in this series will be a side laced Kirtle set that includes a smock, kirtle, and coif.  These are the most basic pieces of clothing worn by all women during the Renaissance period.  This pattern will initially be released for 18-inch dolls, but a 16-inch A Girl For All Time doll will be following shortly.  Like our Prairie dress series, this series will have interchangeable pieces and Past and Present variations!



Prototype of the Present version of the Red Kirtle pattern

Prototype of the Present version of the Red Kirtle pattern












While this set was all a woman needed to wear to be considered decently dressed, a proper woman would wear some sort of a gown over her kirtle when going out in public or before appearing in court…. follow us on Facebook to watch the progress on the gown that will be designed to pair up with this kirtle.




Wide Brimmed Straw Hats…

…available at Pixie Faire!


Rebecca, Joan, and Leslie for being chosen in the random drawing for the three tomato pincushions from last months newsletter!  You should have an e-mail from me explaining how to claim your prize.


Thank You!

We had an astounding turnout for our Freebie Friday on September 23rd!  All of the kind comments and the record number of downloads made my birthday extra special.  Thank you so much!



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10 thoughts on “The Latest News… October 2016

  • Sophie T

    I love, love, love the Renaissance clothes you are working on! Those are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the patterns come out! Thank you also for the Regency pattern that you offered for your birthday. It is a lovely outfit and I wish I can find time soon to make it for my dolls!

  • Anne

    I’m looking forward to trying the pumpkin granola! The Wellie Wisher dolls are cute – II hadn’t heard if them before. I’m thinking my granddaughter needs one so I can start sewing some of your adorable patterns!

  • Susan

    I’m thrilled that you’re entering Renaissance period – and equally thrilled that Eleanor will be joining AGAT soon. I’ve been waiting for her!

    Thanks as always for your wonderful patterns!

  • Darlene

    I was thrilled to receive this pattern – it is so beautiful – love the back view too 🙂 I missed that it fits Maplelea dolls – bonus 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing.

    I have a September birthday too.

  • Marcy Mahle

    Many thanks for the pumpkin spice granola recipe. I will have to make it for my six grandchildren during Thanksgiving week. I also love all your historical patterns.

  • Melodie Hess

    Will you be doing more bundling? I have all of the sizes of dolls and appreciate the discount in the bundles.