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This Spring We’re Blooming in COLOR!

I don’t know why I never considered adding color to my illustrations before, but for whatever reason I was inspired to do it while working on our second prairie dress pattern, “Town Girl”.  The problem I was facing with this pattern was that I needed to use three different shades of gray to distinguish between the main fabric, the contrast fabric, and the lining.  In order to make the shades distinguishable from one another I had to make one of them very dark -which not only made it difficult to see some important lines in the drawings, but also ate up a lot of ink.  Initially, I was concerned because I know printing in color can be expensive.  However, by carefully choosing the tones and shades of the colors, this color pattern can still be printed in black and white with plenty of shade variation to distinguish between different fabrics.  All you need to do is set your print option to grayscale before you print!  So, what do you think?  Leave a comment  with your thoughts on color to be entered to win a copy of “Town Girl” when it is released.  The drawing will be held the day it is released, so be sure to get your comments in soon!


Sample page from “Town Girl”, an upcoming pattern from Thimbles and Acorns

Prairie Rose

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s daughter was born on December 5, 1886.  Laura named her Rose after her favorite wildflower that carpeted the prairie in reds and pinks every June.  Laura later wrote, ” A Rose in December is much rarer than a rose in June.”  I always loved that sentiment she shared, so it seemed only right that one of the dresses from my prairie series should be called Prairie Rose.  This pattern is the first of three slated to be released this spring.  Currently, they are only available in 18-inch doll sizes, but the 16-inch A Girl for All Time sizes should be available later this summer.


Look What’s coming soon!!

A full-size Prairie Rose Bonnet.

Prairie Rose Bonnet, Thimbles and Acorns Pattern #1870-03

Prairie Rose Bonnet, Thimbles and Acorns Pattern #1870-03

A New Pattern from Keepers Dolly Duds!

This Side Tie Collar Dress looks too detailed to be easy, but it is!  The 1950s-styled dress has such a classic appeal that it works just as well as a modern design.  This is a great pattern as the subtle details have a satisfying style without being overwhelming to create.  Available now on Etsy!  I have a pretty little prototype here looking for a home… leave a comment below telling Eve what your favorite Keepers pattern is and you will be entered in a random drawing for it.



Congratulations to Sheryl….

… winner  of the Ancient Greek Chiton and Himation set!

FREE tutotial ~ Ancient Greek Dorian Style Chiton.

FREE tutorial ~ Ancient Greek Dorian Style Chiton.

Want another chance to win one of these sets?  Check out our new tutorial on Pixie Faire and answer the question in the comments section to be entered to win.  I will be giving away one set for an 18-inch doll and one set for an A Girl for All Time doll!


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30 thoughts on “The Latest News… May 2016

  • Lindsay

    I think the colors are great! I don’t print the instructions, just the pieces, so I’ll enjoy seeing the color on my screen. And perfect having the option to grey-scale and see the difference, if I did print color costs more at the library.

  • Karen L

    I love the Keepers 50s Flair dress pattern. This new side tie collar is really cute, too.

  • Marge R (mer)

    Hi Eve,
    My fav Keeper’s Dolly Duds’ pattern is one sold by Simplicity (#1086) with which I made the adorable blouse and skirt with tie (View D) for Journey Girl Mikaella last summer when my DD and her fiance/now husband gave her to me. LOVE the dress too and one of my dolls will surely need one as soon as I finish my current doll clothing order. ;~) This Side-Tie Collar Dress will be a must-have for Molly!

  • Marcy Mahle

    I really like your patterns with a bit of color. It does make it a lot easier to see the differences in fabric. To be honest, as my eyes become older, now 69, every little bit of help is wonderful

  • Marcy Mahle

    I have two favorite Keeper Dolly Duds Design patterns. I love the Victorian Christmas coat with cape. The Victorian era is one of my favorites and that coat is perfect for a Christmas stroll in the snow. I also really like Colonial Day Dress because it reminds me of one of my favorite places to visit, Colonial Williamsburg.

  • Tari Hann

    The color sounds great to me! I actually open up all PDF patterns on my iPad so there’s no worry about using too much ink or anything. I’m all for it!

  • Janine

    I think it would be Laura Ingalls dress. I loved the books as a child, the Tv show as an adult and the pattern for my granddaughter’s AG doll. Was easy to sew and came out so well.

  • Mary H.

    I look forward to seeing color in your patterns. I think that will make the instructions easier to use. (I never print out the instructions; I just read them off the screen.)

  • Mary H.

    It’s hard to choose a favorite Keepers Dolly Duds pattern. My new favorite just might be this side tie collar dress.

  • Sewbig

    Amazing how much better the pattern looks in color. It just looks clearer, easier to understand.

  • Sewbig

    Favorite Keepers — I love all of them. I’ve sewn almost all of them. Favorites: Pretty Pilgrim (love the collar!), Spring Dirndl, and Colonial Day Dress. Perfect fit on Keepers’ bodices and collars.

  • Bee Jacobs

    I think having the colors it great. I love seeing it in color on my ipad but if I do print part of it out It is nice to know that the grayscale will still work well. Good job!

  • Joan Thelen

    When I get your patterns I dont usually print out the direction. I will only print the pattern and keep the rest on the the computer. And I don’t always read the directions but just look at the pictures so I say go for it. And I like all of Eve’s work. My favorites are on her flicker page

  • Penny Tennermann

    Using color in your instructions seems like a great idea to me. I’ve experienced the same frustration of not being able to distinguish right side from wrong side or lining, so this seems like a wonderful solution. I also sew from instructions saved to a pdf reader app on my iPad, so printing, other than the actually pattern pieces isn’t a concern for me.

    Regarding Eve’s design, it would be difficult to choose a favorite. I guess I can go with her Pilgrim design, the one that I’m planning to sew soon.

  • Janet

    I like the pastel colors in the new pattern – it makes it clear which piece you are working on. I look forward to making this!

  • Beth

    My favorite KDD pattern is Fifties Flair. It’s so easy and looks gorgeous in every fabric combination.

  • Charlene

    I usually just print out the pattern pieces only not the instructions. So color in the instructions will be fine for the “Town Girl” pattern. I picked up the “Prairie Rose” pattern the other week; but haven’t had the chance to make it yet.

  • Judy Boese

    Hi. Just my thoughts here. The colors are a great idea. I am having some hopefully temporary eye troubles, and I can say for sure that the better the contrast in the instructions, the easier they would be to read and follow. I am really excited about the prairie dresses. Kirsten will be also. The same problem applies here also. Not seeing so well takes away a lot of the fun of sewing. You and Eve are two very inspirational ladies when it comes to perfectly beautiful finish work. Really, do either of you ever goof ups?! Thanks…

  • Rebecca W

    I am another who only prints the cover, pattern pieces, and directions summary, so I think the color is a great idea! My Kirsten has very few clothes, so I can’t wait to get this series when it is available in multi size.

    Picking a favorite Keepers pattern is very hard. Right now I would say the Simplicity 40s and 50s patterns and the new colonial one.

  • Lesley from Ne

    For me, I only print out the pattern pieces. I use my Kindle to read and follow the pattern. That way I can enlarge what I need and save on paper and ink. So, I think I would like color. It is nice of you to think of those who would like color AND those who print with your grayscale option. I bought your Charlotte doll pattern…..and I think my girls and I will make some this summer. They are excited to try it. You can tell Miss Eve that I think it is a tie between her new pattern and her Fifties Flair pattern for my favorite. Great newsletter, really enjoy reading it.

  • Diane

    I love the idea of color. It does make it easier to discern the fabrics. A picture is worth a thousand words I’ve heard! Thanks for asking for input.

  • Diane

    I love all the Keepers Dolly Duds patterns but especially like the 1930s Frocks. I just finished both views and am very pleased with the results! I’ve made more than half the patterns and they come out perfectly! Many thanks!

  • Mary R

    I love your new pattern (Side Tie Collar Dress). I’ve been wanting this pattern since it was on your drawing board.

  • Carol M.

    I think the colored illustrations will be great, but black & white is ok …so really don’t have any definite preference here~!

  • Rhonda

    I really like the pattern with the color, makes it easier to follow. Plus it’s pretty!

  • Susan

    I like the addition of color – there are times when I am really confused as to which side I’m looking at in the directions, and this should help. Really looking forward to this pattern, the jacket in particular. I also love the history and the quotes you add at the top of each page. Have you given any thought to creating Little Women patterns?

  • Mathilde

    The addition of color is very welcome. I think it will make instructions even easier to understand. I’m easily distracted and have to concentrate to remember which shade of gray represents the lining but now I won’t have such problem anymore. Besides, I only print the pattern pieces, and I’m sure that’s the case of a lot of other people, so it won’t be a problem for me ink-wise. I just hope it won’t be too much trouble for you to add them!