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I hope everyone had  a wonderful Christmas!  Not including the Christmas we were all stuck at home nursing the flu, this was the first time our family celebrated Christmas alone.  It may sound a little sad, but with the loss of our beloved mother this summer we kind of needed to do things differently this year and thoroughly enjoyed a quiet and restful Christmas.  I have always enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Year; the quiet lull between the holidays lends itself well to reflecting on the past year and dreaming about the next.   Like every year, my hopes and expectations were often interrupted by life… excitement, disappointment, tears, and laughter.  Nothing is quite as I expected it to be this time last year, but it really isn’t about what you have accomplished as much as it is about what you have learned in the process.  I am heading into 2017 with a whole new set of goals, expectations, and even some apprehensions;  I can’t help but wonder what I will be reflecting on this time next year!

Although we are still technically on vacation this week, I wanted to take a little time to send out a newsletter for this month to let everyone know about a couple of exciting events that are coming up.

12 days of Christmas

Side Laced Kirtle, Thimbles and Acorns Pattern #1550-01

Every year, Pixie Faire has a special 12 Days of Christmas promotion with a new contest or giveaway each day.  Today (December 28, 2017) is Day 5 of that promotion, and the cover dresses from our Side Laced Kirtle pattern are going to be the featured item.  Be sure to check out the contest at Pixie Faire and follow the instructions to enter!  Don’t delay, you need to enter by midnight (Pacific Time), 12/29/2016.

Thimbles and Acorns 6th Annual Anniversary Celebration!

As I plan my goals for the coming year, I always enjoy starting off by celebrating my business anniversary.  I really love what I do and appreciate the encouragement I get from all of you!  This year marks Thimbles and Acorns 6th anniversary and this year we will be offering our newest Renaissance Gown pattern for FREE on January 13th at Pixie Faire.  Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss it!  In the meantime, I am in a bit of a quandary – I can’t seem to come up with a fitting name for this Tudor styled Gown.  Leave a comment below with your idea for a fitting title.  If one of you comes up with a fitting title, I will put together a sewing kit for the pattern that will include the beautiful embroidered red silk fabric featured on the cover dress!

Renaissance Gown, Thimbles and Acorns Pattern #1730-01, coming January 13th!

Help us support Sew Powerful as we celebrate!  The four piece cover ensemble will be up for auction at the Liberty Jane Clothing Store on Ebay from January 12th through  January 15th, 2017.  All proceeds will go to Sew Powerful.



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57 thoughts on “The Latest News… December 2016

  • Joan Thelen

    Thank you Shari for the reminder, as I look in my sewing room and see that nothing was accomplished this year I am reminded that yes, with a new job I did learn a lot of new skills and a new daughter in-law I have meet some wonderful people. I did accomplished quite a bit this year. And your new pattern reminds me of something one of Henry the 8th wives would wear. So how about something like “The Jane Seymour” or “don’t loose your head over this awesome look”. Haha just kidding.

  • Sophie T

    My heart stops beating every time I see a new creation of yours! They are always so beautiful! This Renaissance dress is wonderful, and I can’t believe you will be offering it for free on your 6th anniversary! You sure are spoiling us!

    As for a name for the dress… Being French Canadian, English Renaissance isn’t the period I’m most familiar with, although I quite enjoy learning about it. My references are more on the French side! However, what about a simple name like 16th Century Renaissance Court Dress? A lady’s name could be also given to it, like “Lady Audley” or “Lady Carey”.

  • Suzanne

    Makes me think of Romeo and Juliette. Juliette dress?I don’t remember what her last name is in the play.

  • Kelly Pilkinton

    In a similar manner of your other delightful patterns, I suggest naming this gorgeous design either”Tudor” or “Renaissance” “Side-Laced Kirdle” or “Gown”. One of the many things I like ve about your patterns is that the titles clearly represent the patterns. I work with hundreds of patterns, not just for dolls, but also for theater costuming. In my own personal experience, I can say that it is a pleasure to quickly find any of your patterns in my collection, based on the direct correlation between pattern and title. It can be frustrating to hunt for patterns that have no discerning parellel depicting either era or even type of garment. It may be a cute and trendy fashion of modern designers to do so; but it sure can be frustrating to locate when ready and anxious to create a new garment. Thank you for offering this exciting contest. Like everyone else, I’d surely love to win. I want to thank you in advance for your upcoming Pixie Faire Freebie Friday pattern giveaway. I’ve been eyeing this design for quite a while and hoping to one day be able to buy and recreate such historical elegance myself. God bless. You are very talented, and your work is highly appreciated.

  • Mary Montecalvo

    Oh Shari this is absolutely stunning! The outfit reminds me of a lady in waiting or a lady in the Court. I would call this “Lady Guinevere”.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your “vacation” and I look forward to more beautiful designs in 2017.~Mary

  • Irene

    Name for the Tudor dress: The Boleyn? It wasn’t just Anne, there was a whole influential family who was at Henry VIII’s court.

    Or Virginia dress, like the colony named after Elizabeth I.

  • Margaret

    Love this new dress. I think a fitting name would be the Lady Isabella. Isabella d’este was a strong intelligent woman of the Italian renaissance period. Hope you like the name!

  • Barbara Garwood

    This gown reminds me of one that might have been worn to a very special event. Therefore, I would suggest “Royal Invitation” as the name. Lovely in every regard.

  • Merry Beth

    My mind runs to the Tudors when I see an outfit like this. I think the French and Spanish may also have worn similar style. Anne or Catherine come to mind. I like both.

  • Candice Lacy

    I can’t think of anything really witty or clever. “Court Ensemble ” or “Court Finery”. Not expecting a win with those, lol. But I wanted to let you know that it is absolutely gorgeous! What an amazing design…

  • Monique Venne

    I suggest the name Lady Elizabeth for the new pattern. The Elizabeth I’m thinking of was the queen married to Henry VII of England. On her Wikipedia page, there is a painting of her that looks very much like the dress prototype!

  • Rhonda

    Beautiful!!! My daughter has already told me that the Felicity doll she is buying herself next month NEEDS this dress for her Halloween costume.
    As for a name I think it should be “Tudor Anniversary”. It’s is a Tudor dress, you finished it right around your wedding anniversary, it’s being released for your businesses 6th anniversary and it looks like a dress a Lady would wear to her countries Anniversary celebration.

  • Marilyn


    This is the year the Holbein the younger painted a portrait of Anne Boleyn wearing an outfit similar to this.

  • Victoria Masteller

    Lovely dress and headpiece, beautiful enough for court.
    Winter Court Dress for a Lady I think I would call it.

  • Becky Lindesmith

    I think it reminds me of what royalty would have worn in the Rennisance Era. Absolutely gorgeous!!! ‘Lady Anne Gown’

  • Michele Norine

    How beautiful Shari! I love your patterns and this one is no exception. My suggestion for a title would be “Tudor Court Finery – Dressing to meet the King”. Using Tudor in your title would immediately denote the time period for those looking for a historical pattern. I personally like a title to correlate with the actual pattern, I don’t really remember the “Cutesy” titles myself.

  • Rebecca Graves

    Tudor Splendor, Renaissance Reborn

    Ann’s triumphant return, The young Elizabeth,

    Tudor resplendant!

    I am so excited about this pattern! I cant wait to get it. I already have some fabric for two different dresses, hoping i have enough for both!

  • Darlene

    This is an amazing dress – there are some wonderful suggestions for names. It is a wonderful pattern, and to offer it for free is thrilling – thank you! I have no ideas for a name – I am very glad there are so many good suggestions.

  • Karen L

    This is a lovely dress and headpiece. It reminds me of what the Queen at our local Renaissance Faire wears, so I am suggesting that for the name: Renaissance Faire Gown, or Royal Renaissance Gown. I will be anxiously awaiting the Freebie Friday so I can nab this pattern!

  • Marge R (mer)

    Perhaps “Royal Renaissance Gown” or “Renaissance Elegance Gown”? No matter the name, it is truly elegant and I’m looking forward to January 13th and have my fingers crossed for Day 5’s beautiful giveaway. I’ve never won anything through their 12 Days of Christmas, so maybe this will be my lucky year?!

  • Susan Tyler

    How about Ann’s Reward (since Ann Boleyn was rewarded, for a few years at least, by finally succumbing to Henry’s entreaties to marry him).

  • Duana Gummo

    I love this pattern. I would call it “A Tudor Court Gown” because it looks like something that would be worn at Court.

  • Karen Henricks

    Your new design is beautiful: my hope is that it, along with the Renaissance dress pattern will eventually get sized down for A Girl For All Time Dolls! My suggestion for a name for this outfit is: “Castle Keep.”

  • Diane

    I suggest “The Queen Elizabeth Gown” because of the two very long reigning queens of England: Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II. It would link the past with the present! The gown is breathtaking. I’ll look forward to sewing it. Many thanks for the history and inspiration as always.


  • Sara

    This reminds me of the gown and gable hood worn by Jane Seymour in Holbein’s beautiful portrait of her – why not call it “Queen Jane”?

  • Megan Lacey

    Stunning! Quite possibly the most beautiful outfit you’ve designed!
    If you identify the ensemble with one if Henry VIII’s wives, I would go with Catherine of Aragon. She is the English queen most associated with the form of the English hood you’ve designed; as the first wife of Henry VIII, she was also the youngest daughter of Spain’s Isabella and Ferdinand; and the first female ambassador in European history.
    If you choose to use a palace name: Greenwich would be my choice. It was the birthplace of Henry VIII and both his daughters Mary and Elizabeth and was long one of the most favored palaces of the Tudor era.
    Another option I could suggest is “The Mary Rose”. It was one of Henry VIII’s flagships, second only to the “Great Harry”, and named after his favorite sister, Mary Tudor, queen of France.

  • Marcy Mahle

    Wow this outfit is gorgeous and you are very generous to offer the free pattern to all of us on Pixie Faire and the proceeds of the sale of this lovely outfit to Sew Powerful. As to the name of the outfit, how about “Elizabethan Regalia” or “Shakespearean Elegance” or “A Shakespearean Sonnet”

  • Melangell

    I love the suggestion of Greenwich Gown. Could I suggest a slight change of castle and say, Hampton Court Gown? Hampton Court was a castle that Henry VIII stayed at quite a bit. I think most of his Queens stayed there with him. It includes a “haunted” passage that his fifth wife, Kitty (Katherine) Howard ran down to try to get Henry to not execute her for treason. Hampton Court has a long association with the Tudor kings.

  • sue murray

    I am just overwhelmed by this dress. To me it looks like the lady of the land would be wearing it to the Renaissance Faire, therefor I think the title should be “Lady of the Faire”
    Thanks for all your beautiful designs,
    Sue M