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I had to take a forced hiatus through March and April due to a pinched nerve in my neck.  Still, one must press on and I was able to get in some sewing and designing between my heating pads and cold packs.  Comfort was on my mind a lot, and what says comfort more than Union Suits!   This design is part of a bigger project I began working on in February, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.


The Long Winter Union  Suit

Brave the winter in this Laura Ingalls Wilder inspired Union Suit. Union suits first came on the market as part of the rational dress movement for women in 1868. Originally called the “Emancipation Under-Flannel” it was designed as an alternative to restricting corsets. Their practical design soon made them popular among men as well. This one piece undergarment is based on the traditional design that is still popular today and can be made for either boys or girls. It fastens in the front with five buttons and features a functional dropseat that closes with four.  For those that have experience making buttonholes, this is a quick and easy pattern to make. Unsure about buttonholes?  Check out our Freezer Paper Buttonhole Tutorial!  Available now at Pixie Faire for 18-inch dolls.  Kidz n Cats,  16-inch A Girl For All time, 14.5-inch Wellie Wishers, 14-inch Heart 4 Hearts Girls, and 13-inch Little Darlings are coming soon!

The Long Winter Coat

The classic styling of this Victorian Era coat and hood is as fashionable today as it was in the 19th century.  This fully lined coat has a flared back that gives it an elegant drape and plenty of room for full skirts and the trim tailored front buttons down the front from the neckline to the lower front cut-away. The turned down edges of the two patch pockets are fastened with matching buttons. The front opening, hemline, and sleeves can be finished with decorative embroidery or trim and for added interest, the sleeve cuffs, pocket linings, and collar can be made in a complementary fabric. The fully lined hood is made separately from the coat and is tied on with an attached scarf. It can be finished with decorative machine embroidery and tassels.  It is currently available for 18-inch dolls with more sizes coming soon.


Freebie Friday with Thimbles and Acorns!

Everyone loves Freebie Friday, and we are offering one of our patterns next Friday!  Boys, boys, boys, I love my boys.  Should we offer our 18th Century Hunting Frock, Coonskin Cap, Kepi Hat,   Civil War Shirt, or Kepi Hat?  Be sure to cast your vote next Wednesday at Pixie Faire to help us decide which one to offer.  Here is an added bonus for my readers… I have three supply packs for the Hunting frock (fabric, trim and glass button).  Leave a comment below about what historical boy pattern you would like me to make next to be entered in a random drawing for one of the three supply packs.

Civil War Shirt, Thimbles and Acorns Pattern #1860-04

Sew Powerful Auction!

As we celebrate boys next week, help us support Sew Powerful!  The original Hunting Frock and Coonskin Cap featured on the pattern covers will be up for auction at the Liberty Jane Clothing Store on Ebay  starting May 5th, 2017.  All proceeds will go to Sew Powerful.

 A special thank you to Sydney Paulsen for the delightful pictures she took for this auction!


18th Century Hunting Frock up for Auction beginning May 4th, 2017. Photo used with permission. Copyright 2017 Sydney Paulsen



Keepers Dolly Duds Designs!

Talking about boys!  For all our Keepers Dolly Dud’s fans…. We have another pattern on the drawing board.  Watch for it in the next couple of weeks!

Pilgrim Boy, Keepers Dolly Duds Designs. Coming Soon!





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24 thoughts on “The Latest News… April 2017

  • Loretta Houben

    I love the historical costumes, although to date I haven’t sewn any. All of them look marvelous!
    I don’t have a boy doll yet either, but I’d love to see you design an Almanzo Wilder outfit to match Laura’s dresses.
    I do have a Laura I Wilder doll.

  • Monique Venne

    I’d love to see a Regency outfit for boy dolls. Regency girls need an escort! Mr. Darcy, anyone?

  • Jennifer Kirkpatrick

    I would love to see a Regency outfit for boys! They are my favorite for girls and would love to have a boy to match.

  • Janet Smith

    I would love to see Edwardian era boys clothes – or an 1820 short jacket. I sew a lot of historical doll clothes from patterns and enjoy the detail and design of yours

  • Carol M.

    I love the 18th century Frock coat, fancy vest, and breeches, tricorne hat, etc. that men wore….that would be a fabulous pattern to have! Your designs never disappoint, so I know you’d make these items as authentic as possible! Thanks!

  • Mary Montecalvo

    Hi Shari,
    I would love a boy pattern modeled after Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer. This type of pattern would be in keeping with your Historical patterns and perfect in keeping with Summer reading!

  • Megan Lacey

    For Freebie Friday, I’d love either the Civil war shirt or the Kepi hat pattern.
    For future patterns, I’d be over the moon for more formal historical outfits for boy dolls: a mid-sixteenth century Prince’s outfit, think Edward VI; and an 18th century court suit, with a coat, waistcoat, breeches and tricorn.

  • Marcy Mahle

    I love all your historical patterns. I would like to see a pattern for a boy doll for the founding of our country. Also would love to see you make boy patterns for the Carpatina boy dolls. They are the perfect size for A Girl For All Time. They are slim and very much like a real boy as the A Girl For All Time are very much like a real girl. They have a new doll called James William coming out that is dressed for around 1750. He even has a pony tail hair do. Just very curious if you have ever thought of making Carpatina slim boy patterns. There is a special 40% off pre order on the James William doll now.

  • Marge R (mermade)

    I too would love to see the 18th century boy patterns as Carol M. described, which might get me into more Historical sewing since I’m an Outlander fan and dream of owning Jamie & Claire dolls some day. The clothing both wear are a huge reason I enjoy the series – I’d love a Scottish kilt pattern too. Thanks for another fabulous giveaway and for your Freebie Friday coming up!

  • Karen L

    I was going to suggest a boy Pilgrim pattern, but I see that’s already in the works! So how about some sort of Arabian Prince outfit, complete with a turban?

  • Barbara Peart

    How about a male roaring 20s outfit? We know the ladies wore the flapper gowns with hats, jewels and sequins but what did the boys wear? How about a bartenders outfit or a suit with hat and wide tie like the gangsters wore? The gangsters really looked spiffy with the pin-striped suits!

  • Sue

    I would love to see a pattern for sailors, with knee breeches, waistcoat, and frock coat with all the braid, brass buttons, and epaulettes. Even a tricorn hat with a cockade. Young boys went to sea as Midshipmen so the style would be appropriate for the age AG dolls are supposed to be. Depending on what materials were used, the frock coat could become a pirate’s outfit too!
    I really enjoy your informative newsletters and spectacular patterns. Thank you for sharing your skill with us.

  • Penny T.

    I’d like to see some more recent vintage styles. It’s probably nostalgia driven, but the few photos I have of my dad as a child had him dressed in wool knickers, and sometimes in matching vest and jacket in styles that looked like they hadn’t changed since 1900 (the photos I have date from about 1930-1935). The perpetual favorite sailor suit would also be fun. Another design I’d enjoy sewing would be a boy scout uniform circa 1950 to 1960. If we’re committed to going further into the past I’d be happy to see Edwardian styles.

  • Regina Stewart

    I would love to see a complete Revolutionary War Era outfit, breeches, shirt, waistcoat, frock coat, & tricorn hat . With the reintroduction of Felicity, she needs an escort!

  • Juliette Auckland

    I love historical fashions! I’m torn between boys’ clothes of the 30’s 40’s & 50’s – everything from sleepwear to outerwear – and clothing from the mid 1800’s – you’ve done uniforms, but what about dressy (think Rhett Butler) and everyday clothing.
    Your writing is interesting and informative – please keep it coming.
    Thank you.

  • Sandra Bambling

    Gutted that the Pilgrim |Boy is only on the drawing board as am visiting Plymouth this month and wanted to make a boy pilgrim outfit. As you are underway with this a George Washington/ Hamilton style coat would be great