Happy 2014! New Year, New Things!


Shari Fuller, Owner Thimbles and Acorns

Lots of new things have just come and are coming soon to Thimbles and Acorns!

First, check out our brand new wide brimmed straw hats!  We had these hats specially manufactured and they are now available exclusively through Thimbles and  Acorns.  They are a natural straw hat made with a narrow braid.  This wide brimmed hat is a standard 18th century style that has remained popular through the centuries.  Its natural straw and quality braid lends itself well to being reshaped, and the wide brim can easily be trimmed to make a smaller style hat.

The possibilities with this hat are endless and I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Hats are priced at 3 for $21.00 or 6 for $40.00 …shipping included!

Second, we are in the process of building a customer gallery.  It is always exciting to see what is being made with our patterns, so we wanted to have a special place to showcase these gems.  We are hoping to get this gallery up and running soon, but before that, we need some submissions.  What we are looking for are pictures of your favorite pieces made from or based on our patterns with a little write-up telling us about them.  Were you inspired by a story or a person from history?  Are you a grandmother sewing up special items for your grandchildren?  Are you a collector?  Are you a small business owner?  We want to know the story behind the items you make or have had made for you!  Feel free to include links to your website or shop as we want to use this gallery to promote what YOU do as well as inspire others.
Send your submissions to imadeit@thimblesandacorns.com .

Third, fourth, fifth… Oh, so many things to share, but the rest will have to wait for  future newsletters!


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