Converting A Pattern To Embed Hook And Eye Tape


Shari Fuller, Owner Thimbles and Acorns

Last month, I showed you how to embed hook and eye tape as an alternative closure for garments that fasten edge to edge. In my example, I used a pattern that was already set up for this type of closure, however, you can easily convert just about any pattern to work with this method.

Step 1:  Cut out your pattern piece or pieces that will have the fasteners on them.

Step 2:  Tape a strip of paper along the center line, the line which the fasteners run down.

Step 3:  Draw a line 5/8” out from the center line.  This will be the new cutting line.

Step 4:  Fold the pattern along the center line and trim the ends of the paper strip to match.

Step 5:  If you are making a lined bodice, your pattern is ready.  If you are making a bodice with a facing, you will need to repeat these instructions with the facing piece.

Step 6:  Follow your pattern instructions up to the point where you will apply the facing, then follow the instructions from last month to embed the hook and eye tape.

Embedding hook and eye tape isn’t limited to edge to edge closures though.  Next month, I will show you how to convert the bodice pattern of our new Bustle Dress to make and overlapping closure with hook and loop tape. Neat and Sweet!

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