While the Sumerian, Indus Valley, Egyptian, and Minoan civilizations maintained close connections with each other trading goods, knowledge, and ideas, the Chinese civilization, was emerging in relative obscurity along the Yellow River.  Although more than 4,000 miles of harsh terrain, rugged mountains, and hot deserts separated ancient China from the […]

From Fig Leaves to High Fashion… Part 5, China

By Shari Fuller Abram, his brother Haran, and his father Terah had become quite wealthy while they lived in the Sumerian city-state of Ur of the Chaldees; no doubt profiting from the trade that was going on between Sumer and Indus Valley. Abram himself had over 300 servants. Jewish history […]

From Fig Leaves to High Fashion… part 3, Ancient Egypt

  Not long after the rise of the first civilizations in Sumer, other civilizations began popping up in Indus Valley, Egypt, Greece, China, and Meso America. All of these cultures were remarkably advanced and despite being widely scattered around the world, they maintained a surprising amount of contact with each […]

From Fig Leaves to High Fashion, Lesson 2… Indus Valley