0000 Ancient Times

By Shari Fuller Abram, his brother Haran, and his father Terah had become quite wealthy while they lived in the Sumerian city-state of Ur of the Chaldees; no doubt profiting from the trade that was going on between Sumer and Indus Valley. Abram himself had over 300 servants. Jewish history […]

From Fig Leaves to High Fashion… part 3, Ancient Egypt

  Not long after the rise of the first civilizations in Sumer, other civilizations began popping up in Indus Valley, Egypt, Greece, China, and Meso America. All of these cultures were remarkably advanced and despite being widely scattered around the world, they maintained a surprising amount of contact with each […]

From Fig Leaves to High Fashion, Lesson 2… Indus Valley

By Shari Fuller As the world  entered the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution went into full swing and with it the new branch of science called chemistry.  As early chemists began isolating and identifying elements they were able figure out ways to reproduce natural dyes from other other sources.  These […]

Judging a Cloth by its Color…. part 3

Color is anything but passive  and from the time the first dyes appeared, artisans found ways to use color to create interesting designs and patterns on fabrics.  At first, multiple colors were woven into fabrics to form simple stripes and plaids, but over the years, weavers developed increasingly complex patterns […]

Judging a Cloth by its Color… What Fabric Tells Us, ...

When I was very young, I remember admiring a black and white photo of my mom wearing a very pretty dress and the amazement I felt when she showed me that same dress hanging in her closet.  The color was so beautiful.  It had never occurred to me that life […]

Judging a Cloth by its Color… What Fabric Tells Us, ...

    Though buttons can trace their beginnings to the earliest civilizations, pins, belts, and broaches were a more practical fastener for the looser garments of the time so they bedecked clothing simply as ornamental objects. It wasn’t until the 13th century, when someone came up with the idea of […]

The Big Impact Of The Little Button