Adult Size Face Mask


We all are aware that hospitals are running out of supplies that are critical to preventing their patients and themselves from spreading the virus that has left us all anxiety ridden.

Here’s a way to help the hospitals and nursing homes in our area and to give all of us something beneficial to do during this quarantine period.

Please help by making face masks!

We have permission from both hospitals in Duluth.

St. Luke’s Hospital needs masks to cover the N95 masks. Having a cover to the approved mask means they don’t have to change the mask with every patient. This keeps their supply of N95 from running out. They would prefer that the elastic wraps around their head and not tie. If you make tie ones, they will use them but for ease of use, elastic around the head (or ears) is faster for them to use.

Essentia has asked for masks to give to patients when they enter the hospital and Ecumen would like some too. I also received a call that Essentia would be able to use as many as we can produce!

If you want to make a mask to cover the N95 surgical mask, which is what St. Luke’s requests, click here to download the pattern.

All fabric should be washed and dried before you make them so any shrinkage will be released. They should be made from 100% cotton. No fuzzy fabrics, please.

Masks can be brought to:  

Hannah Johnson Fabrics
4511 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55804

To drop off, place masks in the small metal container with the foot control to open it up. The hospitals will pick them up here as they want to keep their environment as sterile as possible.

Just remember! Use only 100% cotton, wash in hot water and toss in hot dryer. The hospitals are not using this for protection…it’s to keep the N95 masks protected so they can be used longer!

If you have any questions, please email:

The store will be taking pickups of masks Monday-Saturday 10-2.


Download Adult Size Face Mask Pattern


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