Perfect Paper Product for Printing PDF Pattern Pieces (Say That Five Times Fast!)


Karen Dosier, Designer Thimbles and Acorns Owner, Threads of Troy

In my opinion, PDF patterns are the best invention since sliced bread.  Not only am I notorious for losing pattern pieces, but I have a habit of making adjustments on my originals which can be a problem if I ever want to use the original pattern again.  With the PDF’s they are all stored in a file that I can print again and again.  The other bonus is that they can be delivered online which means I don’t need to drive to the store or wait for the mail to get it.  Perhaps this simply enables my tendencies toward carelessness and impatience, but I have plenty of other character flaws that should probably be worked on first anyway.

PDF’s can be printed on regular printer paper, but Karen from Threads of Troy has found a product that works even better:

I can’t rave enough about two paper products I use when printing out patterns from downloadable PDF pattern files.  They are “Perfect Piecing Foundation Sheets” by June Taylor which can be found in the quilt section of most big box fabric stores and “Jigsaw Foundation Sheets” by Nifty Notions which can be ordered online or found in some specialty quilt shops.  Both are translucent non-woven sheets that print out beautifully.  I have also copied my existing paper pattern pieces onto these specialty paper sheets using the copy feature of my printer.  These specialty papers pin so much nicer to fabric than regular copy paper and are less likely to tear than tissue paper.  Being translucent, they allow you to see the design of the fabric, which helps with pattern placement.  I won’t kid you – they can be pricey!  The Perfect Piecing Sheets are about $8.50 for 25 sheets, so I always wait until I have a good coupon before purchasing.  The Jigsaw Sheets are $14.99 for 100 sheets and I purchased mine at this shop:     Many of my sewing friends also use these papers for printing their patterns and are very happy with them.

Karen is the owner of Threads of Troy, a shop favored by adult collectors, that focuses on high quality period fashions for the American Girl sized historical dolls.  She is also one of the unsung heroes behind Thimbles and Acorns as one of its foremost Project Consultants.