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Double Cape and Bonnet
Keepers Dolly Duds Designs Pattern #KDD-18-16 “Double Cape” Pattern #KDD-18 Double Cape and Bonnet Available in two sizes designed to fit American Girl®, A Girl for All Time®, and other similarly sized dolls. This Regency inspired design pattern makes a fully lined collared cape with an optional over-cape and large brimmed […]

KDD18-16 ~ Double Cape

While the Sumerian, Indus Valley, Egyptian, and Minoan civilizations maintained close connections with each other trading goods, knowledge, and ideas, the Chinese civilization, was emerging in relative obscurity along the Yellow River.  Although more than 4,000 miles of harsh terrain, rugged mountains, and hot deserts separated ancient China from the […]

From Fig Leaves to High Fashion… Part 5, China

For this session, we are concentrating on Hand Sewing, so you will only need a few basic supplies to get started. Dressmaker Scissors.  This item should be your biggest investment for this class period.  Choose a high quality set with a comfortable handle.  Poor scissors make it difficult to cut […]

Supply List for Sew Through History, Ancient Times