1880-02 ~ Carrie



Carrie, Thimbles and Acorns Pattern #1880-02



By Thimbles and Acorns

Available in two sizes designed to fit American Girl®,  A Girl for All Time®, WellieWishers™ and Other Similarly Sized Dolls.

Born in 1867, Laura Ingalls Wilder had the privilege of witnessing a whole period of American history; the frontier, the woods, the Indian country of the great plains, the frontier towns, the building of railroads in wild, unsettled country, homesteading and farmers coming in to take possession. Later in her life, she began recording these memories in her classic “Little House on the Prairie” books, preserving a first hand account of those significant years in American History. The “Carrie” dress is a reproduction of the dress worn by Carrie Ingalls in a picture taken around 1880, the year recorded so vividly in her book “The Long Winter”.

Pair this Dress up with our Waterfall Bustle for a whole new look!

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Wear and When

Historical Doll clothing Patterns and the Stories They Tell

This pattern one of five Laura Ingalls Wilder inspired patterns included in the book  A Long Winter in Dakota Territory Also included are our Mary and LauraUnion SuitLong Winter Coat and Hood, and Carrie patterns.  As an added bonus, each pattern comes in THREE sizes designed to fit 18-inch, 16-inch, and 14.5-inch dolls such as  American Girl®,  A Girl for All Time®, and WellieWishers™

This Pattern is available as a downloadable PDF file exclusively from Pixie Faire

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This Pattern is also available in book form as an individual pattern

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