1860-01 ~ Civil War Era Day Dress


Civil War Era Day Dress


By Thimbles and Acorns

Available in two sizes designed to fit American Girl®, A Girl for All Time®, and Other Similarly Sized Dolls.

Through the 1850s, the domed skirts of the 1840s continued to expand. To increase their fullness, skirts were constructed in two or three tiers that were stiffened with horsehair braid at the hem. Though it became socially unacceptable for a woman to show her ankles, it was quite alright to show ones shoulders, so long as it was in the evening. The Bertha neckline, a lower neckline that often fell off the shoulders became fashionable in women’s evening wear.

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To learn more about the history behind this dress, click here.

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19th Century Etiquette of Skirt Length

The Bell Shaped Skirt



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