1770-01 ~ En Forreau’ Gown



En Forreau’ Gown


By Thimbles and Acorns

Available in one size designed to fit American Girl® and Other Similarly Sized Dolls

A beautiful historical fashion for your 18 inch American Girl Doll! This gown is based on the popular En Forreau’ dress style from the 1770’s where the bodice and skirt at the center back were cut in one piece and pleated to fit. The gown and the matching petticoat are made of an 18th century reproduction print. The cuffs feature a small pleat at the inside elbow and the sides have hidden openings to access pockets. Dresses from this time period were often fastened in the front with straight pins….. for practical reasons, I opted to use snaps instead. The gown can be worn down or tied up with the hidden tapes to form a bustle. The petticoat is historically detailed with front and back ties that form pocket openings at the sides

This PDF pattern is available exclusively through Pixie Faire.  To purchase, click here or on the picture.


Free printable  mini pamphlet!  

Putting on an 18th Century Petticoat


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