1750-02 ~ 18th Century Underpinnings


18th Century Underpinnings


By Thimbles and Acorns

Available in two sizes designed to fit American Girl®A Girl for All Time®, and Other Similarly Sized Dolls

The distinct style of ladies’ dress in the 18th century was achieved by a complex succession of layers that began with the underpinnings. Underpinnings were what we might refer to as underwear today, and they provided the basic structure and dimension that made 18th century fashion unique. The name is somewhat deceptive, however, as underpinnings weren’t always out of sight – they were simply the first layers of a complete outfit. In fact, for a working class girl, the underpinnings may have been all that she wore from day to day.

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18th Century Underpinnings

Putting on an 18th Century Petticoat


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