1700-01 ~ Irish Kinsale Cloak


Kinsale Cloak


By Thimbles and Acorns

Available in one size designed to fit American Girl® and Other Similarly Sized Dolls

The cloak is one of the most enduring of outer garments throughout history. The use of scarlet cloth for hooded cloaks in the 18th century was so popular in Britain and and it’s American colonies that they became considered a traditional British garment for both men and women during this time. While visiting the countryside in Oxfordshire in 1750, Madame du Bocage noted: ‘People of this class have their houses well furnished, are well-dressed and eat well; the poorest country girls drink tea, have bodices of chintz, straw hats on the heads and scarlet cloaks upon their shoulders’.

The Kinsale Cloak is a traditional Irish cloak. This PDF Pattern features a drawstring hood that provides ample room for the taller hairstyles that were popular in the late 18th century.


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To learn more about the history behind this cloak, click here.



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Irish Kinsale Cloak



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